Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sikh Parade

I was taking a nice nap, when I heard strange noises. There was a deep thumping noise, over and over again. Instead of going away, it just got louder and louder. I looked out the window and saw men carrying big knives and wearing orange dresses. I didn't think they belonged on my street, so I ran and got the girl, and barked until she went outside to look. After the men walked past the house, a bunch of other people went past. All of them were wearing really bright colors. There was also a man on a big platform who was wagging a big fluffy thing in his hands. At first I thought it was Comet's tail!

Even though I tricked him into eating Giardia yesterday, I didn't really want him hurt, so I hope they didn't cut off his tail. Nope. I just looked. His tail is still there. Whew!

The girl went out to take a few pictures, and the people gave her a bottle of water. When she came back in the house, I heard her telling a friend on the phone about the Sikh nagar kirtan (public procession) to celebrate Guru Nanak Dev Ji's birthday.

Usually I just have joggers and people walking their dogs go past my house. What a treat today!


Hana said...

I think you and Comet should have a parade of your own! And you can hand out dog treats instead of bottles of water.

Ender said... and Comet should have a parade of your own....but people should hand out treats to you! Right?!

Fu Fu said...

Woh that parade looks really interesting. Can't you guys participate?

~ fufu

Lacey said...

Hana, you are such a sweet unselfish girl, to suggest handing out treats. We're not! hehehe. We like Ender's idea of getting treats! Kind of like an extra Halloween.

Fufu, unfortunately, the girl never lets us do anything fun like that, because Comet lacks manners and doesn't behave himself. I think the girl should just leave him at home and let me join the parade.

Hana said...

I am too naive. Thanks for setting me straight!