Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hiking? Me?

On Christmas day, the girl and her new bf decided that I was a hiking dog. Excuse me? Do I look like a hiking dog? I tried to be stubborn and made the girl's bf pick me up and carry me part way up the mountain. The girl has now decided that I need more hiking practice, so she took me on her own today.
Can you believe that she really thinks I am going to climb this mountain all the way to those towers on the top!

Whew! That's a long way up. Are we done yet?
Do you seriously want me to go all the way up there?
Finally, at the top!
Wait, what do you mean this is just the FIRST stop for a water break?

Taking my next water break. We still aren't at the top yet!
My girl promised that this is the last section before we get to the top. She better not be telling a lie!

Finally, I made it to the top. Ok, where's the car?  Wait.... what do you mean I have to go back down the mountain too? How is this fair?
Whew, at least we have a road to follow down the mountain!
Wait.... a road? Why didn't we just walk up the road in the first place?