Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy happy joy joy

The girl is back! The girl is back!
She came home tonight just as it was getting dark outside. We thought Liz would be coming again tonight, but instead we got the girl! We are soooooooo happy.

Comet was so excited that the girl was home that he almost didn't let her get to the alarm in time to turn it off. As soon as she punched the codes, we both tackled her.

Not only did she come home, but she brought us presents. Since there was no food in the house, she picked up some KFC on the way home. She never buys that, because she thinks it is gross. I don't know why she bought it today, but it was very lucky for us. She took one bite, remembered that she didn't like it, and Comet and I got mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, and big pieces of chicken.... and all the skin. YUM YUM YUM

After we had our fill of people food, the girl rolled on the floor and played with us. We covered her with wet kisses. I don't think she likes the really wet ones too much, but we don't care. We like kissing her!

The second surprise was toys! She bought us each a Cuz toy. We never had those before. Comet got a little blue dinosaur, and I got an orange ball with feet (good cuz). These are really cool toys. No wonder all our dog friends love them.

Comet and BLU

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sneaky sneaky...

Our girl was really sneaky. I thought she was up to something bad last night, but then she tricked me. Yesterday, she bought more food and biscuits, even though we weren't completely out of them. Usually she waits until we are eating the kibble dust before buying a new bag.

Then, last night she took the big black box out of the closet and filled it up with clothes. I started getting nervous, because I know the box means that she is going to leave us. Then she tricked us. She put the box outside in the car, then came back in the house like everything was normal.

Today, she tried to make us forget about the black box. She took us for a walk, chased us around the house with the vacuum cleaner, and played with us. When she grabbed her purse to leave, I thought she was just going out to get us some toys. Instead, she didn't come back.

It got dark outside, and then Liz showed up. The sneaky girl tricked us. We have no idea how long Liz will be here again.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

This is my yard

The hot weather went away, and then it rained for two days. It was really nice outside today and BLU and I spent most of the day soaking up sun in the back yard. All of our girl's plants are getting flowers. Some of them smell really yummy.

This is a picture of an orange tree. The tree is on the other side of the fence, but branches hang into our yard. It smelled really yummy for a couple of days, until the rain made most of the flowers go away.
Here are more flowers. We have lots of these big yellow bushes. I can't smell the flowers, but great big bumble bees really like them. I like to chase the bees. My girl yells at me when I do that. I don't know why.

We have a tree with round yellow flowers. I don't like this tree. It has sharp pokey things on it and I get scratched when I chase birds around it.

We also have really tall trees. I love to pee on the bottom of the really big trees. I also like to run around and chase the pigeons that live in them. I sometimes can catch the pigeons.

We have several other things in the yard with sharp pokey things. This plant is really sharp. If I get too close, it pokes really hard. It isn't fair, because lizards like to hide under this plant. How am I supposed to catch them if I can't get close enough?Here is another pokey plant. Sparrows like to hide by this plant. I tried running into the middle of it once, and got all sorts of prickers on me. The girl had to pull them off. Neither of us enjoyed that!
This is my favorite plant. Lots of fast, tiny little birds like this plant too. I like to lick the flowers because they are sweet and I like to try to catch the little birds. I haven't caught one yet, but I think they would taste good if I did.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm melting.....

It's hot here. Yesterday was 100F out and today is supposed to be more of the same. My mean girl refuses to turn on the air conditioning and just has the ceiling fan on. What a cheapskate!

BLU and I have been hot and tired and sleeping most of the day. The tiles in the bathroom feel good and BLU has been hiding under the back porch in the cool dirt. At least the girl keeps letting us eat ice. We love ice cubes!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Eau de Toilette

Stinky, stinky, stinky! And it's not because I crawled under the porch and didn't get a bath. I was pestering my girl as she was trying to read a magazine. She ripped a stinky page out and rubbed it all over me. Now I stink like perfume. Yuck! I spent all day rolling around in dirt trying to get rid of that smell, but it won't go away. I think I might actually want a bath!

I don't know why they sometimes call perfume "toilet water". I think toilet water smells much better than Comet does with his stinky perfume! It also tastes better! Too bad my girl usually keeps the lid closed so I can't sneak a drink!

ps. We both wish Tanner well with his surgery tomorrow. Even though Joey calls him a doofus, we know he really loves him. We have the evidence!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


What do you do when you hear sirens?
We don't howl at sirens (unless it is the house alarm, because that is really scary!), but we know that some dogs do. We used to have neighbor basset hounds who would howl and howl at them. That was mighty silly.

If we are inside when we hear them, we usually don't care. BLU doesn't like them when she is outside, and hides under the back porch.

Look at her! What a silly goose.

Now that the sirens are gone, I need to crawl under the porch to investigate too. There might be something fun under there and I wouldn't want BLU to keep it all to herself!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

House Arrest

After Comet's last mess-making adventure, we thought the girl let us off the hook. We couldn't have been more wrong. We've been under house arrest ever since.

Our girl used to lock us out of her office while she was at work so Comet couldn't make messes in there. About a year ago, Comet broke the latch on the door, so we could get in any time we wanted (which also allowed us to blog while she wasn't home). After "Mr. Tornado" hit, the girl fixed the latch on the door. Now we are locked out while she is at work.

And believe me. That is a long time. The girl has been leaving the house in the morning when it is dark, then getting home well past dark. She's even working Saturdays! Then, after she gets home, she grabs her computer and works on that until she falls asleep! When are we supposed to blog?

On Sunday, the girl was home most of the day, but was working on her computer. It was really nice outside, and Comet really wanted to go to the park to play. The mean girl wouldn't let us.
Comet decided to open the window and escape.

Here we are checking that the coast is clear.
Comet was just about to make a run for it, but the girl looked up from her work and caught us! Then, to top it off, she tossed us out in the backyard to play.

Hopefully soon the girl will be nicer and let us have more fun again. We miss reading all of our friends' blogs.

ps. Comet did not have Valley Fever. His cough is gone and he feels much better.