Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back to Work

I think the girl feels better today. She chased us around the backyard for a little while this morning before taking a shower. Right now, she's busy putting on her work clothes, so I don't think she gets to stay home today. We won't get to hang out with her all day, but at least I'll get the couch to myself!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sleepy day

The girl didn't follow her routine this morning. She got up like normal and took a shower, but instead of putting on clothes and going to work, she plopped down on the bed. Comet and I hopped up for our morning snuggle time. After 5 minutes, she was still snuggling, but then she started snoring. She's not supposed to fall asleep again! Comet stepped on her to wake her up, and she just kinda grunted at him and went back to sleep. Finally, I had to do something. I didn't want her to be late for work. I slammed the bedroom door shut. That usually wakes her up.

It worked. Kind of. She got up and opened the door, then picked up the phone and called somebody. She didn't talk very long, then hung up the phone and went back to bed. I don't know what she was thinking. Today isn't a weekend, and she isn't supposed to stay home. At first I was worried, then Comet convinced me that it would be fun having a bonus day with our girl.

It wasn't much fun though. If she wasn't sleeping on the bed, she was sleeping on the couch. And she turned the air conditioner off and snuggled under a blanket. Is she crazy? It was HOT in the house today. Nobody turns the air conditioning off in the summer in Phoenix.

Every now and then she would wake up, pet us a bit, and then go back to sleep. I tried to get her to play catch, but she didn't follow the rules. She's supposed the throw the toy, then once I grab it, she is supposed to chase me around the house so she can get it to throw again. She actually expected me to bring it all the way back to her. Who made up those crazy rules??

I hope the girl stays home again tomorrow, but she better be more fun!

Even though the girl was boring today, it was still nice to have her home. I got a treat in the middle of the day that I don't get when she is at work. Sometimes, when she wasn't sleeping, she turned on the picture box that makes noise. There was one show on with a bunch of birds making noise. At first, I thought they were inside and I tried to catch them. I just ended up smacking my nose against the picture box. She also watched a show where people were afraid of weird things. One lady was afraid of styrofoam. I don't know how you could be afraid of that. I love it when the girl gets packages and it is full of the little foam peanuts. They are so fun to hide all over the house. Another lady on the show was afraid of her oven. I think the girl might be afraid of her oven. In the year and a half I've lived with her, I've never seen her turn it on!

Monday, August 28, 2006


I'm mad at BLU. Instead of just eating her biscuit, she decided to save it all night. That wouldn't be so bad if she didn't guard the entire house to protect her precious biscuit. After making sure the girl was asleep, I wanted to go into the living room to sleep on my favorite chair. BLU's biscuit wasn't even near the chair, but could I use it.....NOOOOOO! What a brat! I sure didn't want to stay on the floor all night, so I decided to sneak up on the bed.

I won't be making that mistake again! I was having a nice dream about stealing BLU's biscuit, when smoooosh! I got squished! The girl rolled over on top of me!

It scared me and I jumped up and growled really loud. I was just about to bite her and then I realized that it was my girl - and that it was an accident. At least all that noise caused the girl to get up and make BLU let me into the living room.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The fur is flying!

I freaked the girl out today! She went to Petsmart without us today and when she came back she found big clumps of our hair on the floor. You wouldn't believe the look on her face. Too funny! {Comet}

One bag of food, $24.95
One bag of greenies, $15.95
The look on our girl's face.
Priceless! heheheeh

From the look on our girl's face, I think she thought that Comet and I had gotten into a fight and that we had ripped each other's hair out. She was just about to grab us to check for injuries, when she realized that Comet raided the garbage can that had all the hair she brushed off of us earlier this morning. For once, Comet being naughty was actually funny! {BLU}

Hey, I'm always funny! Just because you and the girl don't have a sense of humor doesn't mean that I'm not funny! And just to set the record straight, if we had gotten into a fight, BLU, I would have kicked your @ss!! {Comet}

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We're Not Pillows!

I think something is wrong with our girl. Every day this week, she has left the house really early in the morning, and then comes home after dark. She walks in the house with a great big bag full of papers and spends several hours reading them and writing things, rather than playing with us. Last night, I hopped up on the couch with her so she could pet me as she was reading. Her hand hardly moved at all. It just sat there on me. I licked her hand a few times to get her attention, and she leaned over to hug me.... and fell asleep on me! I'm not a pillow! Normally, I would have just left, but I didn't want to wake her up. She seemed so tired. Plus, I got to actually snuggle up to her - Comet just had to watch from the floor.

Just be glad that she only slept on you for 10 minutes. The girl is supposed to wake up by 6 in the morning so I can bark and wake all the neighbors. She didn't wake up. I had to jump on the bed and bark in her face to get her to move. Instead of getting up, she rolled over and used me as a pillow! I tried squirming, but it didn't wake her up. I even barked a few more times, and she just snored back. I was trapped for a half hour before she got up- and I really had to pee!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


The girl had to work all week, and then on Saturday too! That's not right! She's only supposed to work 5 days a week and not six! She was in a real hurry to get out of the house this morning, and forgot to close some of the doors and put things away. Perfect!

I was able to grab the streamers and decorate the living room for her when she got home. I thought she would be excited to see that I was going to throw her a welcome home party. She wasn't. :-(


Sunday, August 13, 2006

She came back!

She's back! She's back! The girl is back!!
The girl was gone for almost a week, but she came home today! I'm so happy I nearly peed on the floor. As she came in the door, I nearly knocked her down jumping with joy. I hate it when the girl leaves, but am soooo happy when she comes back.

I knew she was leaving about a week ago. She keeps a few big black boxes in a closet and when she pulls one of those out and puts her clothes into it, it means she is going to leave. She pulled a big one out last Monday, so I knew she would be gone for a while. I was hoping it would only be for 2 or 3 nights, but she was gone for 5 nights. That's a long time for my girl to be gone.

Even though I miss her when she is gone, Liz comes over to take care of us. Liz is really nice and doesn't understand all the rules, so we can get away with things the girl doesn't let us do. Comet sleeps on the bed all night with Liz, but our girl only lets him on the bed for a goodnight snuggle - not all night. Liz gives us lots more treats than our girl does, and lets us poke her until she gives us attention. She's fun, but not as fun as our girl is.

On the first night that Liz showed up after our girl left, she was too busy playing with us that she forgot to turn off the alarm. There were lots of loud scary noises. I didn't like it at all! Then the police showed up too. One of the officers was really cute. Too bad our girl wasn't here for that - I think she would have liked the officer too! Liz told the officers everything was ok, and they left. She gave us extra treats for being so good and putting up with all the noise.

I'm glad the girl is home. It's nice to get hugs and snuggles from her.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Guess what! I caught a mouse today! It was hopping around in my back yard and I grabbed it. It was pretty hard to keep in my mouth, and I dropped it a couple of times, but I managed to get all the way through the doggie door before dropping it again. The second I dropped it, the mouse ran towards the girl. Drat! There went my surprise. I had planned to sneak up to the girl while she was reading and put it in her lap. #$%@@#$ squirmy mouse!!!

I guess it's just as well. Instead of being thankful for my gift, the girl didn't seem to like it one bit. Hmmmph! If she doesn't want to play with it, I will! Well, I tried, but the darn mouse ran under the closet door. I was snorting around at the door, when the girl opened the closet with a big container in her hands. She pulled a few things out of the closet then pounced. She's pretty good at that. (I think she's been watching me). She must have caught my mouse, because she shuffled around a bit, then carried the container out the front door. I sniffed all over the closet, but couldn't find it anymore :-(

When the girl came back in the house, the container was empty. I think she let it go, which is a much nicer thing to do than what this person did to mice.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Job well done

We did our job today and protected the girl. It was around 7 this morning, and there was a noise behind the fence. At first it just sounded like a truck, but then there were footsteps. Somebody was out there!


We made as much noise as possible and even banged against the gate, which usually scares anyone away from the back of our fence. It didn't work this time. Instead, a man poked his head up over the fence and had something black in his hand that he put over his eyes (binoculars).

We heard the key in the lock, which the girl uses to call us into the house. Yippeeee... a biscuit. But wait, if we ran in for the treat, who would scare the man away? Nope, we have to concentrate on scaring the man.

Because we didn't go in, the girl came outside. Comet decided to show off and jumped really high, almost knocking the binoculars out of the man's hands. The girl saw the man. She didn't like that he was there and looking over the fence. She used her mean scary voice to ask him what he was doing. He said something about being from the gas company. She said something again like "on Saturday morning?". I don't know what overtime means, but she seemed to think that was an ok answer.

She told us we were good dogs, and went back inside the house. Comet took one last jump at the man (and almost got him) and then the man left.

We ran in the house, and got all sorts of praise and a greenie.
Comet and BLU

Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Trick

Woo Hoo! The girl learned a new trick this week. I can make her give me a treat first thing in the morning. Here's how it works. When she lets me out when she wakes up, I run to the back gate and bark my brains out. I know she hates it when I bark, so I use my most obnoxious yippy yappy voice. In less than a minute, she turns the key in the back door to open it. If I run into the house right away, she gives me a treat! Is that cool or what?

Yeah Comet, that's really cool. It's really cool to make our girl cranky first thing in the morning because you can't behave yourself. Maybe that's why she's been leaving for work an hour earlier this week. She wants to get away from your annoying yipping all the time. Oh, and today, we didn't get a biscuit. That "treat" she gave us, wasn't a treat. It was heartworm medicine (see graphic pictures of heartworm). You also forgot to mention that after you get your treat, she closes up the doggie door so we can't go out again until she is ready to leave for work, since she doesn't want you waking up the neighbors.

Your little trick also doesn't work in the middle of the day or when you bark in the house. In fact, instead of getting a treat, our girl picks up a can and makes a really scary noise. Maybe if you were nicer more often, our girl would give more treats without having to be tricked into it.