Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm sick *cough* *cough*

Yesterday after I puked, I started coughing. Today, I kept coughing until I gagged. Sometimes I would throw up, but most of the time I just sounded like I was about to. The girl got worried and thought that I might have picked up Kennel Cough, even though I haven't been anywhere near a kennel. She told me to get in the car.
Funny thing is, once I was in the car, my cough disappeared. None. Not a little. And I didn't feel like puking. I guess I will just need to go on really long rides so I feel better.

Wait a second! I know this building. Our vet works here. I don't need the vet. I'm feeling better. Really!!
Once we were inside the vet, I refused to cough or puke. I just smiled and looked healthy and happy. Maybe that way they won't poke anything up my butt!!
The vet didn't buy my act. I saw her head toward me with the butt probe, so I ran and hid under my girl's skirt. I know the vet won't look for me there.
After getting poked and prodded, the vet wanted to X-ray my chest. Even though I didn't think it was very fun, it seemed like it was much more painful for my girl. She made faces like she was going to cry when they gave her this paper.

After they finished the X-ray, I finally caved and started coughing again. My X-rays showed that my lungs were clear, but the vet said that I have broccoli itis. I don't remember eating any broccoli lately, so maybe that means I need to eat more of it?

The vet gave the girl some pills for me to take and she gave me this prescription, since I stop coughing whenever the car is moving.
My girl *claims* she never saw this prescription. Hmmmmmm...... I think she just doesn't want to follow doctor's orders.

Now, let's get working on those car rides so I can get healthy!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Neighborhood excitement

No wonder Abby wanted to explore our neighborhood. There are lots of interesting things going on in it. Right now we are listening to the mariachi band that is playing at the house of one of our neighbors. And yesterday, a neighbor took their iguana for a walk and met the neighborhood peacocks!

What's the strangest thing you've seen in your neighborhood?

We didn't get to do much today though because Comet had the pukies. I think he should get the Stains award from Joey. He left about 20 puke stains in the house today, but the girl didn't take pictures of the really gross ones with chunks.

WARNING: stop reading right now if you don't want to see his puke stains.

Here's a nice stain he made in the middle of the living room.

Then he made this one on the living room rug.

Here's another one he made on the living room rug.
The girl tried to make him puke outside. Here's a stain he made on the rug on the way out the back door.

He made this one on the back porch. Then he ran in and made more inside, because he knows that he won't win any awards for the outside stains. So, is he stainworthy?

Friday, March 27, 2009


Hi, this is Abby. I just want to set the record straight. I did not go visit Comet and BLU. I was having a great time exploring the neighborhood all on my own. Then Comet and BLU's girl tricked me into saying hi to her. Then she attached this leash! Yuck! Who wants to wear a leash when you can run freeeeeeee!

Then, I was dognapped and held hostage in their back yard until my mom came home. Comet and BLU's mom was nice but I was still held HOSTAGE!!!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Intruder alert!

There's an intruder in our back yard!!!! And on our back porch!!
Who is this sitting by our door?

It's Abby from across the street. She came to visit us without her mom's permission. Our girl said she had to stay in our yard until her mom got home. But, we didn't even get to play with her. We had to stay inside the house.
Here she is leaving us pee mail. She's so weird. She pees like Comet, and not like a girl.
She was kind enough to start a new hole for us. We bet we can make it bigger.
We think she is ready to go home.

Next time you come visit us Abby, get permission. Then maybe we can play with you!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So, BLU got the squirrel that poops food. Guess what I got. My old toy that has a hole in it!
And then the mean girl stole it and threw it in the garbage can! How could she throw it away? This is one of my favorite toys and the first toy I got when I came to live with the girl and BLU.

Oh, wait. What's this? It looks like a package with a new hotdog toy.
MMMMMM..... I can't wait to taste it.
It squeaks again! I'm so excited that I'm going to cry!
I'll forgive the girl for throwing the old one away. I love my hotdog toy! Now I'm going to squeak it all night!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yummy squirrel poop

I want to thank all of our friends for making our girl feel guilty about leaving town and not bringing home any treats. Today she went to Petsmart and got me this squirrel. It doesn't squeak, but it does something even better.
It poops food! How cool is that.

First I squish the squirrel.
Then I bite its butt and it poops out food. Genius!
When I throw the squirrel across the house, food pops out.

What a great toy!

I love my new squirrel.

ps. our computer is fine. Rory was just trying to show our girl how to do something.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fun visit

After all the hard work we did helping our girl with her taxes, can you believe what she did?

She got out her black box and left town again. This time she went to New Orleans. She was gone for 4 days before she came back home. She didn't even bring us any treats!
But today we got a treat. Rory and Matthew came to visit us today. They took some of the girl's dirt (we guess they like digging too!!). Then Rory did something on the computer. So.... if we aren't online for a while, blame Rory for breaking our computer. hehehe.
We like Rory. He's fun to lick. Comet likes him because he lets Comet pee on the furniture. The girl gives Rory mean looks for that.

We also like Rory's son, Matthew. Matthew is fun to jump on and he likes it when we give him kisses. All in all, today was a fun day.

Monday, March 16, 2009

How taxing!

We thought of a great way for our girl to get money to buy us treats. Get a tax refund! Here, try this program.
It says it will help you get a big refund. Let's load it into the computer.

Here's the box of receipts and papers you've been collecting all year.

Wow! Look at all the papers that are crammed in this box!
You gotta be kidding me. What kind of system is this?
Let's dig in and see what we have.

I think we need to sort these into different piles.

Hurry up BLU. I can already taste the yummy treats we are going to buy with the money from the girl's refund.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let's Party!

Who wants to party? I've got the confetti!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

special delivery

Thanks for all the kind words for our girl. Her tummy felt better and she went back to work today. While she was gone, the UPS man brought us a package. We had to wait until the girl got home from work to open it. We wonder what it could be? Yummy treats? New toys?
Hmmmm.... There isn't much in this box.

Just heartworm pills. What a rip off! Can you believe that she didn't even order any treats for us? What a cheapskate!