Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years!

We want to wish all of our friends a safe and happy new year!
We hope to see all of our friends over at the Corgi Lounge tonight to help the beautiful Corgi girls ring in the new year.

Last year, we made new year's resolutions. Let's see how we did.

  • I resolve to stop mauling the girl every time she gets out my leash. I will try to curb my enthusiasm so that she will want to take me out more often.
    OK, so this one didn't work. I still get just as obnoxious as ever when she gets out my leash. She even has video proof of it - even after I went to obedience school.
  • I resolve to stop trying to steal food from the counter or my girl's plate. If I'm patient enough or cute enough when I beg, she will give me some anyway. I don't need to be obnoxious and steal it.
    I'm actually trying to do this. Most of the time I am pretty good at keeping this. Ok, in July I stole a piece of pizza, but in October I waited until I had permission to eat the corn dog. And we all know a corn dog is 10 times more tempting than pizza! That should count for something, right?
  • (The girl thinks I should add that I won't mark in the house, steal toilet paper and tissues, or go nuts at the door. Let's be real here - there is no way that I could keep those resolutions.)
    Ummmm..... not so good at keeping those resolutions either. In all fairness though, I didn't claim I wanted to change those things! And shouldn't the girl really resolve not to leave tissues or paper within my reach? I think that would solve this whole problem.

This year I'm going to make resolutions I can keep:
  • Pee everywhere
  • Shed everywhere
  • Look cute
{the girl adds, I would be happy if Comet stopped licking his feet all the time!}


  • I resolve to be a little nicer to Comet, even though he does drive me nuts and gets on my nerves.
    That was easy. See, here I am giving Comet loving kisses.

Ok....maybe not! :-)

  • I resolve to stop trying to trade food with Comet. There is a reason the girl makes me eat special food and I should try to cooperate more.
    I did this one! I did this one! My blood tests for my kidneys started coming back normal and I get to eat regular food again. No special food - no trading food. I kept a resolution!

This year I'm going to resolve to:

  • Give the girl more kisses
  • Snuggle with the girl more
  • Bite Comet when he is naughty

Do you think we can keep our 2008 resolutions?

Have a great new year and hopefully there won't be any loud booming noises at your house.
Now we need to get ready for the party!

~~Comet and BLU

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas poop

I have such exciting news that I've wanted to share for two days! The most amazing thing happened! I made Christmas poop! How cool is that!

The mean girl refused to take a picture of it and said I couldn't blog about it (she's in the shower right now - try to stop me!!!). Since the buttons on the camera are too small for me to use, I'll just have to describe it. My poop was bright green with little red bits in it.

I think the green came from the trees on the lollipops I ate. I stole BLU's and ate them both, so I got extra color. Each poop came out hot, steamy, and completely green.
Then, to make my poop extra special, I got little red bits from PowderPuff and Ivy's card. When the girl wasn't looking, I grabbed the card and took a little taste.
Oops, I hear the shower turn off. Gotta Go. Sorry I don't have a picture of it.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

RIP Elephant and Moose

elephant and moose
found beneath our Christmas tree
so soft and squeaky

playing and ripping
soft bodies gutted and torn
they will squeak no more

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Counting Cards

Look at how festive our living room looked with all the cards we got!

We are so lucky to have so many friends from around the world.
We received cards from 12 other countries!
(Canada, Mexico, England/UK, Switzerland, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, China, Brazil, Denmark)

Look at all of our DWB friends!
Most of these are our friends from the Eskie Board. They did a card exchange too. Nothing says Christmas like a bunch of fluffy white dogs!
This part of the wall has eskie cards, DWB cards, and even some cards just for our girl.
The count on Christmas day (not counting E-cards)
Our girl = 14
Our girl plus us = 38
Just us = 83
Christmas day total = 135!!!!

Each card was so unique, creative, and pretty. We think there are a few cards that haven't made it to our house yet, and can't wait to see them. Thanks to all of our friends who helped make this Christmas special, either by sending a card, sending their address so we could send a card, or by leaving comments on our blog.
Comet and BLU

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everydog and GG!
Last night we went to bed and there was nothing under our tree. BLU and I slept in the living room to watch for Santa. He's very tricky. When we woke up this morning, this is what we found under our tree! Wowza Zowza! Look at all those goodies!
Where to start? First, we need to sniff everything.
Wow! All of this looks and smells so good.
I started with the peanut butter lollipops.
They were delicious - both of them. BLU was still snorting around under the tree, so I ate hers too! heheheheh (I have another year to be naughty before Santa comes again.)
There were just so many good things, it was too hard to decide what to do first. While Comet was eating both the lollipops, I was playing with the moosie that Liz gave us.
Then we found the rawhide doughnuts. These are from our friends Sky and Casey.
Aren't the ribbons around them pretty?

But the doughnut is even better! I gobbled mine down.
BLU was saving her last bit. When she got a drink of water, I grabbed hers and ran outside. I tried to bury it in the yard, but the girl caught me. I dug it up and ate it before BLU could take it back.

BLU really liked the elephant that Liz gave us.
Now we are going to spend the rest of the day playing with our girl and our new toys and making stinky farts from the rawhide.

We hope all of you have a merry Christmas and get lots of hugs and treats from your people.

Sloppy kisses,
Comet and BLU

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Xmas in our hood

Last night the girl took us for a walk through our neighborhood to look at all the shiny lights on the houses. Here is our house. It's kind of boring - we just have one little string of lights around the front porch. The other houses on our street are a little more festive. This neighbor wrapped green lights around their palm trees.
This house actually looks prettier during the day. It has lots of wreaths with big red bows and several pointsettias on the porch. This house is near the end of our street. Our girl really likes how they decorated it with the red lights.

The next couple of houses are around the corner from us. They are pretty.

A lot of people decorated their palm trees this year. Some just have lights, and others have lights and ornaments.

Some people put funny decorations up. Our girl likes this one! We wanted to chase the flamingos.

Other people used lots of lights on their house.

Some people covered their entire house with lights. This house is on the far side of our neighborhood. We don't see this house on our walks because we would have to cross really busy roads to get there. Our girl is happy that this house isn't on our block. It's too bright and too many people stop to look at it.

We hope you enjoyed seeing how our neighborhood was decorated. How is your neighborhood decorated?

Saturday, December 22, 2007


OMDog! You will never believe what happened today. The girl took us shopping at PetsMart today. BLU was obsessed with the canvas bones that were on the bottom shelf of the toy aisle. I liked the giraffe-skin balls. Well, the girl put one of each in the cart. Then she put another. And another. And another. And pretty soon our cart was full of them!
Look at all these bones! Can you even imagine how much fun we would have destuffing all of them. I nearly wet myself thinking about it.

But then then girl said that they weren't for us! That we had to give them away. Give them away???? So then we got excited thinking we were going to mail them to all of our DWB friends. But no..... the girl said that they weren't for dogs who already had loving homes. Well then who were they for?The girl said we had to give all the bones to all the homeless doggies at the Arizona Humane Society. She said that they needed nice Christmas pressies, since they didn't have their furrever homes yet. (A really nice PetsMart employee let us use her employee discount so we could buy a few more bones than planned.)
Bye bye yummy bones. I will miss chewing on you.
But then the girl said that because we were so good and generous giving up all those bones, that she would buy each of us one too.
And we didn't even have to wait until Christmas to open them.

Then the girl took the bones to the humane society. We didn't go with her and we are glad. Mean people there made her cry! They made my girl cry! (not the AHS workers)

The girl said there were 5 different people there getting rid of their dogs. Right before Christmas! How could anyone do that? She heard three of them talking to the AHS workers - and they were getting rid of their dogs for dumb reasons. One was getting a new puppy for Christmas and didn't have room for two dogs. Hello! Just keep the one you have and don't get a new one. How hard is that?????

Another was getting rid of their dog because they were going to be out of town for 2 weeks for Christmas. What kind of stupid excuse is that? Our girl goes out of town all the time but doesn't get rid of us. The third person was getting rid of their dog because the vet just told them it had diabetes and they didn't want to deal with giving their dog medicine. (Our girl was glad she didn't hear what the other two people's excuses were.) The AHS workers tried to tell the people about other options, but they didn't want to hear them. Those stupid mean people and anyone who ever thinks about getting a dog should have to read what Flash posted the other day.

It made her so sad, that she started crying while she was there. She doesn't know how anybody could be so heartless to their doggies (especially at Christmas!). She also doesn't know how the AHS workers can listen to that all day and not go home crying every night. We think the girl should have taken us with her. We would have bitten all those mean people for making our girl cry and being mean to their doggies.

So this Christmas, even if we don't get anything under our tree, we will be happy to know that we have a girl that loves us very much and who would never get rid of us for stupid reasons. We are glad that all of our DWB friends have that too, and hope all the doggies (and hamsters, and even kitties) at the shelter find their Christmas miracle.