Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years!

We want to wish all of our friends a safe and happy new year!
We hope to see all of our friends over at the Corgi Lounge tonight to help the beautiful Corgi girls ring in the new year.

Last year, we made new year's resolutions. Let's see how we did.

  • I resolve to stop mauling the girl every time she gets out my leash. I will try to curb my enthusiasm so that she will want to take me out more often.
    OK, so this one didn't work. I still get just as obnoxious as ever when she gets out my leash. She even has video proof of it - even after I went to obedience school.
  • I resolve to stop trying to steal food from the counter or my girl's plate. If I'm patient enough or cute enough when I beg, she will give me some anyway. I don't need to be obnoxious and steal it.
    I'm actually trying to do this. Most of the time I am pretty good at keeping this. Ok, in July I stole a piece of pizza, but in October I waited until I had permission to eat the corn dog. And we all know a corn dog is 10 times more tempting than pizza! That should count for something, right?
  • (The girl thinks I should add that I won't mark in the house, steal toilet paper and tissues, or go nuts at the door. Let's be real here - there is no way that I could keep those resolutions.)
    Ummmm..... not so good at keeping those resolutions either. In all fairness though, I didn't claim I wanted to change those things! And shouldn't the girl really resolve not to leave tissues or paper within my reach? I think that would solve this whole problem.

This year I'm going to make resolutions I can keep:
  • Pee everywhere
  • Shed everywhere
  • Look cute
{the girl adds, I would be happy if Comet stopped licking his feet all the time!}


  • I resolve to be a little nicer to Comet, even though he does drive me nuts and gets on my nerves.
    That was easy. See, here I am giving Comet loving kisses.

Ok....maybe not! :-)

  • I resolve to stop trying to trade food with Comet. There is a reason the girl makes me eat special food and I should try to cooperate more.
    I did this one! I did this one! My blood tests for my kidneys started coming back normal and I get to eat regular food again. No special food - no trading food. I kept a resolution!

This year I'm going to resolve to:

  • Give the girl more kisses
  • Snuggle with the girl more
  • Bite Comet when he is naughty

Do you think we can keep our 2008 resolutions?

Have a great new year and hopefully there won't be any loud booming noises at your house.
Now we need to get ready for the party!

~~Comet and BLU


Hana said...

Hey BLU, I am glad to hear your blood tests are coming back normal now! Woo hoo!

I wish you and Comet a happy and healthy New Year! Stay safe you two! I don't wanna be reading in tomorrow's blog that you two got into trouble, okee? Be good!

Izzie said...

Toilet Paper and Tissue Paper and any type of Paper ROCKS.

Lorenza said...

Happy New Year for you two and your girl!
Your new resolutions sound pretty realistic! I am sure you two will keep them!
See you at the party

Anonymous said...

You both sound like so much fun - whether or not you keep your resolutions make sure you keep enjoying yourself!!


Duke said...

I'm sure you'll try very, very hard to keep your resolutions - just like we will!
Happy new year!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Amber-Mae said...

I love shredding up papers too! Happee New Year to you too!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

ChaChi Lu said...

I like all of your resolutions but I have to say...playing with the tissues and toilet paper looks like so much FUN!

~ChaChi and Jet

Anonymous said...

Oh Happy New Year Comet and BLU! We hope that you do well with your resolutions. Tia and I did not make any this year. We just have been so busy to even think about them. Oh well!


Deefor said...

Hi Comet & Blu
I don't think I could keep your old resolutions either. The new pee and shred ones sound better to me. Good luck and have a great Year!!


Joe Stains said...

Those resolutions look easy enough to keep. Tanner made some this year too! Happy New Year!

Deanna said...

Happy New Year! Party!

Luckie Girl said...

I guess it's a good thing to make resolutions that are easy to keep. I should learn from you guys!!
Hope your 2008 goes GREAT!!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Happy new year you 2. I hope you can keep your new year resolution. ;)

~ Girl girl

Peanut said...

Oh so glad your blood tests came back normal that is great. Happy New Year you guys.

Kodak the Eskie said...

Happy New Year! Those are great resolutions, I hope you each can keep them. Remember, don't bite off more than you can chew! hehehe

Hugs & licks,


Isis said...

awwww i hope your day was great and full of lots of hugs from your mom!