Thursday, August 30, 2007

Finally - pictures

Thanks to our friends for letting us know about other places to upload videos. Our girl whined that she didn't want to learn another password, so she tried youtube again. It worked today.

The girl thought she was being cute by pretending that she only bought one new toy (and yes, these are copies of the exact same toys she bought us about a month ago). BLU and I are fighting over this toy.

BLU likes to take new toys, rip off major body parts and then rip them open. She also rips off body parts - like tails and ears. In this next video, she rips the ears off of the sheep.

BLU's next mission is to kill the squeaker. Notice how she ripped open the cow's back so you can see the squeaker. The girl was being obnoxious and teasing us with the squeaker. BLU finally stole it. Notice the girl's evil laugh. She said it was caused by the percocet she's been taking, but trust me, she always sounds like that.

I am much more refined in my destruction. I like to nibble at little things - the eyes, tags, extra strings. Eventually I will find a string in a seam and nibble at that until it opens up. BLU usually doesn't give me a chance to do that though. Once she opens up the toy, I pull all the stuffing out. (My girl is lame and doesn't know how to sew things so we just get new stuffies when our old ones are destroyed.) Ignore the pink. My girl bumped something on her camera that made everything pink. It is fixed now.

Killing these stuffies took about 20 minutes this time. Afterwards I was so tired I needed to take a nap. The girl's back is still sore, so she can't bend down to pick up the fluff. I think BLU should do it for her. I'm napping!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Last night, the girl brough home toys for us! She got us another stuffed sheep and cow. She took a couple of videos of us tearing them apart, but for some reason, Youtube keeps giving her an error when they are about 95% loaded. Oh well. We had fun destroying them.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Put to work

My girl hurt her back the other day and can hardly move. I've been trying really hard to help her out. I've learned how to pick up all sorts of things that I never was allowed to touch before. I've learned to grab the telephone and the clicker for the tv (and most of the time, I actually give them to my girl). When I want to play catch, I drop the toy right in the girl's hand, rather than making her wrestle it from me. I've even offered to wash the dishes for her, but she won't let me do that. I am in charge of making sure she is ok. At night, she takes medicine for the pain. I don't think she sounds normal when she sleeps, so every couple of hours I hop on the bed and check to make sure she is ok. If she doesn't wake up to let me know she is ok, I stick my tongue in her mouth or up her nose. That always does the trick.

I've been trying to help the girl too. I pick up all of Comet's toys and put them in the toybox. That way the girl won't slip and hurt herself more. I'm also in charge of waking her up if she falls asleep on the couch. I don't want her to sleep in a position that will hurt her back. I tried to help her make a sandwhich the other day. She looked like it hurt to grab the meat from the fridge, so I volunteered to grab it for her. She didn't seem to thrilled with that help. I don't know why.

Monday, August 20, 2007

No pressies

What a rip off! The girl got home last night and didn't even bring us any presents! Can you believe it?

It was a little weird having her gone this time. The girl left on Wednesday afternoon, and Liz came by later that night. It was fun having Liz here. We like trying to see if we can distract Liz long enough for the alarm to go off. Hehehehe. She wasn't falling for that trick this time. She didn't even pet us when she came in the house. She went straight to the alarm and turned that off first. Then she sat down and pet us and gave us biscuits. We were worried that she would forget about our greenies, but she didn't. Liz stayed with us for two nights.

On the third night, the girl still didn't come home. Neither did Liz. :-(
Not to worry though, we weren't forgotten. Margaret came instead. She's not as much fun as Liz (we had to pace in front of the greenies because she would have forgotten them) but she was still very nice. Margaret stayed with us for 2 nights, and then the girl finally came home. Without gifts.

She even stayed home today. We thought she would take us to Petsmart to buy us treats. Nope. Instead she brushed us! How is that fair?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I was right.....

The girl got out the black bag again. I watched her put clothes in and and stick it in the car. It's her smallest bag, but it means she is going somewhere. I'm in a really bad mood now, because I bet that Margaret lady is going to come over tonight. As usual, Comet is oblivious.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Loud Storms

Last night before we went to bed, there were a few flashes of light in the sky, and a low rumbling. We didn't like the sound of it, but the girl didn't seem concerned, so we went to sleep. At 2:30 in the morning, nobody in our house was sleeping. The flashes of light were really really bright. There were loud loud booms that made our house shake. Even the girl woke up.

BLU got really scared and started pacing back and forth. The girl got up and closed the doggie door, so none of the scary light or noises could sneak into the house. BLU calmed down a little. Then the girl moved the laundry basked out of her closet and opened the door. BLU ran and hid in the closet. I jumped up and hid on the bed next to the girl.

We were all just about calm, when a really bright and loud boom hit at the same time. It even made a scary crackling hissing noise and set off all the car alarms in the neighborhood. BLU and I both hopped on the bed and buried ourselves under the girl's covers. Hopefully we won't get any storms tonight.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Swedish Lapphund?

Has the mystery of my breed been solved?
One of these pictures is of me - the other is of a pure Swedish Lapphund. Can you tell which is me?

(Swedish Lapphund photo by Eiwor Rasehorn at

Here I am in profile view, along with a Swedish Lapphund. Can you tell which one is me?

(Swedish Lapphund photo from )

Here is another set of pictures. Can you identify me yet?

(Swedish Lapphund photo from )

The only difference that we can see is that the Swedish Lapphund has a pink tongue (my girl was told that it is never blue) and I have my blue tongue. I'm also about a half inch taller than the standard for the breed.

(Swedish Lapphund picture from

So what do you think?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

More new toys

The girl bought us more new toys today. This is a very frustrating toy. A yummy bacon treat is on the inside, but it is stuck between hard plastic and not easy to get out. You can only scrape a little off at a time.
I'm giving it my best shot, but it isn't easy to get the yummy filling out.
The girl bought two of these toys. Mine is green. BLU has a blue one.
When I left to get a drink of water, BLU stole mine.

I stole it back. BLECH! Now it tastes like BLU's spit.

I'm very upset that BLU stole my chewie. To get her back, I took both of them. I thought it would be fun to have them all, but they both taste like BLU. BLECH!!!!!

I was pouting because BLU made my toy and my mouth taste bad. The girl felt sorry for me and gave me some people food. She made a very yummy treat - mango sticky rice. She didn't let me have any of the mango, but I did get a little sweet rice soaked in warm coconut milk. Yum yum yum. If I can get more treats like that, I will let BLU lick all of my toys!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Something fishy.....

There's something fishy going on. I know the girl is up to something, but I don't know what. I'm still convinced that Margaret is a pet sitter, but the girl hasn't gone anywhere. In fact, today she didn't even go to work - and she wasn't sick either!

I think she feels bad for ignoring us while she is working. She went shopping today and bought us new stuffie toys! We usually don't get those because we destroy them so fast.

Today she brought home a stuffed octopus and fish. They lasted 10 minutes. Watch the destruction!

First I tear open the octopus.

Then I pull out a lot of the stuffing.

Then Comet finishes it off.

As Comet empties the octopus, I rip the fish wide open.

Comet pulls all the stuffed guts out of the fish.

That was a fun 10 minutes!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Time with the girl

We got to spend a lot of time with the girl. She didn't go to work on Monday or today. She wasn't too fun on Monday though. She went to the doctor and then spent most of the afternoon sleeping. Comet had to wake her up every couple of hours just to make sure she was ok.

Today she was more fun. She took a couple of naps, but she also played with us a lot. She even took our stuffies out of the closet and let us play with them (we don't get stuffies unsupervised). She also took care of the pigeon. She caught it in the big garbage can, then moved it from our front porch and put it in the back alley. I still think she should have let us get it.

We had a visitor today. Her name is Margaret. She smelled like a bunch of dogs. I think she is a new dogsitter. I think the girl is planning a trip again, so I was a bit nervous today. The girl tried to trick me out of being nervous by feeding me and Comet some beef tonight. Yummmmm.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Nope, we didn't disappear off the face of the earth. The girl has just been really lame. She's been working crazy hours again the last few weeks. She wakes up really early and hogs the computer to work for a couple of hours before going in to her office. Then she comes home really late, feeds and plays with us, takes an hour nap, then works for a few more hours before going to sleep. How boring is that!

Meanwhile, we have been very busy. Cowcat (a black and white cat that roams our neighborhood) had kittens who like to hang out in our driveway. We have been very busy watching out the front door to keep the icky kitties away. There's also a mutant pigeon that has decided to hang out and poop on our front porch. We are doing a good job of scaring it away. Sometimes it won't leave, so we have to get the girl. She goes outside to shoot it with the hose to get rid of it and all its poop. We think she should just open the door and let me and BLU chase the kitties and the pigeon.
Comet and BLU