Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cards cards and more cards

Today the mail lady was very busy. She brought lots of cards for us. My girl is still trying to figure out where to put them so that Comet can't eat them. Right now she has them on top of the fireplace. I'm not sure what she will do with them once we get a lot more!

Today was very exciting because we got cards from lots of our friends. Joey and Tanner had a great card (love the tongue!). Isabella looked very cute, as always. We got a very funny card from Holly and the furry five, and an adorable card from the Fleas Gang.

Boomer, Annabelle and Snickers sent us a cute postcard, although Comet growled at the picture of Turbo Kitty. To top it off, we received a lovely handmade card from Lillie and Angel Daisie, with pictures of their people. Such cute kids. They look like they would be fun to jump on and lick! This is going to be our best Christmas ever!

Monday, November 27, 2006

States of matter

Comet is so gross. There is always one of the three states of matter coming out of him.
And now Gas!

He's been walking around the house all day long farting. Each time he lets one rip, he quickly turns around to look at his butt, like a giant bug just crawled out of it. It is soooo disgusting. We were wrestling and I tried to bite his tail, and he farted right in my mouth. Sniffing butts is ok. Face farting isn't! Does anyone want to adopt "Mr. Stinky"?

I don't know what BLU's complaining about. My farts might be loud, but they don't stink......too much!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Crystal come home!

Crystal come home! Your crazy friend came over to our house today and look what she did to me! What kind of people do you know?

Oh, where are my manners. My name is Jazz. I don't know Comet and BLU, but I know their girl. I have played with her a few times.

My person Crystal is on vacation, so BLU's girl came over to visit me today. At first it was really fun. I handed her my squishy ball and we went out back and played with it. She would throw it and I chased it. We did that over and over and over again. She didn't even mind that I took breaks to drink water and the ball came back slimy.

After I got tired, we went in the house so I could rest a little bit. That girl went out to her car. At first I thought she was leaving, but then she came back inside. Hooray. I have somebody to play with for a little longer.

When she came back in, she had weird things in her hands. They smelled like dogs that I never met before. I guess that would be Comet and BLU. Then that girl put the silly things on my head. At first I tried to get them off, but she kept putting them back on. Finally, I decided to cooperate. Maybe if I let her see me in them, she would take them off quicker. As you can see, she captured one of my most embarrassing moments on film. I sure hope Crystal doesn't see this. She will never let me live it down.

After making me wear the stupid hats, that girl called Crystal and I got to hear her on the speaker phone. I was going to say hello, but the rawhide was just too tasty to ignore.

That girl played fetch with me for a little while longer, then she left. She told me that she would come back. That will be fun. Provided she doesn't try to dress me up again. Come home soon Crystal. I miss you.

Ahhh.... we wondered whose smell that was! Our girl came home smelling like another dog. We've smelled that before, but never saw who it was. At first we were mad that she was playing with somebody else, but when we found out that Jazz had to wear the hats, we had to laugh. We don't care if our girl plays with other dogs as long as she makes them wear the dumb hats!
Comet and BLU

A new tree

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree,
I really want to mark you
Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree,
I really want to mark you
It’s silly to have a tree
On which the girl, won’t let me pee
Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree,
I really want to mark you.


Friday, November 24, 2006

Our first cards!

Today we got our first cards.

We got a beautiful postcard from Freda with a nice alliteration. At first I thought I might need glasses, but then realized that it was Freda that was foggy, not my eyes! Comet ran up and grabbed it from the girl and wouldn't let me look at it again.

We got another card all the way from Australia! That's very far away. Our girl likes to travel to far away places, but the closest she's been to Australia is New Zealand. Maybe eventually she will visit Australia too. I just hope we can go along on that trip.

It was a bit of a challenge getting the envelope open. The glue was really strong. Comet finally bit a corner open and then the girl could help us get the card out. It was from our friends Opy and Charlie. They had on such cute bandanas. I wonder why our girl never lets us wear bandanas?

Comet had a hard time opening it up to read the message. Freda's card was easy, because it was a postcard and we could just flip it over. Opy and Charlie's card was harder. I think Comet had it upside down, because he ended up chewing a hole in the corner, instead of just lifting up the corner.

I would have felt bad if I broke the card, but Comet didn't seem to care. He claimed that it tasted yummy - like Opy and Charlie drool. He bit a hole in Freda's card so they would match!

Thank you for the wonderful cards. I think the mail lady is going to be busy for the next few weeks.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Return to Sender

We sent our Christmas cards out last week,
The mail lady put them in her sack.
When she came this afternoon,
She brought one of our cards back.

She wrote upon it:
Return to sender, address unknown.
No such number, no such zone.

Our friends received them,
In Canada, Asia, and UK
But not Joey and Doofus,
Who live just 10 miles away!

We want the girl to take us
to put it right in their paw.
But she doesn't want to seem like a stalker
And get in trouble with the law.

Return to sender, address unknown.
No such number, no such zone.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I learned three very important things today.

#1 - Even though it looks like it, the object marked A in the picture below is NOT A BALL!

#2 - Even though B and C smell the same (yummy), they do not taste the same!

#3 - I have a very mean girl to let me figure out #2!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Buried Alive!

I love weekends. When my girl pulls all of the sheets off the bed to wash them, I play a fun game with her. I jump in the middle of the bed and refuse to move. She pulls all the sheets off and wraps me in them. Then BLU jumps on the bed and attacks. It's pretty fun.

When she tries to put on the new sheets, I like to jump back on the bed and get in her way. Usually she uses her mean voice and tells me to get off. Today she put the sheets on the bed - right on on top of me! And tucked them in! I wasn't about to let her win this game, so I didn't move. Then she added another sheet. I refused to move. Then she added the comforter. I felt like I was being buried alive. It was really hard to get out. The girl didn't even help! She just laughed and laughed and laughed. That game wasn't so much fun after all.

Friday, November 17, 2006

They're here!

Yesterday afternoon, the mail lady brought a box to the door. My girl wasn't home and I had to watch the box for 2 hours. I didn't want anyone to steal it because our Christmas cards were in it.

Once the girl got home, she opened the box and showed us our pictures. We were really cute! We spent last night stuffing and licking envelopes. The glue tasted pretty yucky, and after a few licks my tongue got really dry. It wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be.

BLU wet the envelopes the hard way. I found a better way to get more of them wet at the same time. If you get a card that's a little yellow, that one is from me. hehehehe

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hamburger or Hotdog?

Yesterday the girl found my secret hiding place for Comet's toy. It was funny that it took her so long to find it. I'm very good at hiding things.

Once she found it, Comet showed how greedy he was by hogging both toys. Did you see his face? What a psycho! He wouldn't even let me get close to either of them.

I think I should steal one of those toys in the middle of the night and hide it again. Or maybe I should mail it to one of my new friends, like Peony Stormrider. Only I'm afraid that he would lose it in all the waves he plays in.

Joey and Hana were trying to figure out whether the toys were hamburgers or hot dogs. My girl has always called it a hot dog, even though she thinks it is weird to have hot dogs with sesame seeds on the bun.

Here it is next to my hamburger toy. Help me decide. Hamburger? or Hot dog?


Monday, November 13, 2006

Seeing double

The girl found my lost toy!
I'm so excited I don't know what to do.

Now I have two of them.

Which should I play with?
The old one or the new one?
I love them both.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

What's the meaning behind your name?

Yesterday, Hana asked why my name is always spelled in capital letters. I think it's because my girl has serious mental problems. My girl would disagree.

Because I'm a chow (mix) I have a pretty blue tongue. As it would turn out, my girl is a science geek, and spent several years doing research on a virus called bluetongue virus. Don't worry, that's not what caused my tongue to turn blue. An annoying biting gnat spreads that disease to cows, sheep, deer, and similar animals.

So scientists don't have to write such a long word all the time, bluetongue virus is shortened to BLU (in all capital letters). Instead of naming me Blue like the color, or Blu like some other dogs, she named me BLU to make sure that it was always the virus! I think it is just plain rude.

She thought it was clever, especially when my former best friend Tequila was still alive. Most people thought Tequila got her name from the alcohol, but she really didn't. Tequila had to go to the doctor for hook worms when she first moved in with my girl. The girl started calling her "wormy butt dog" and "little miss wormy bottom" before she picked out an "official" name. A little bit of common sense hit the girl and she was smart enough to realize that once the doctor fixed Tequila, the name wouldn't be appropriate anymore. Being the dork that she is, my girl almost named her Ancylostoma, (see a scary picture here) but decided that it would sound dumb calling her that. Instead, she decided to think of something else that had a wormy bottom. A bottle of tequila popped into her brain (even though it should have been mezcal), and hence the name. She had two dogs named after parasites! Hmmphf. I wonder if that's what she really thought of us!

How did everyone else get their name?

Why Comet?
The girl wasn't quite as obnoxious when naming me. At first she was going to abandon her science/parasite theme. She thought since BLU was named after the color of her tongue, maybe she would name me Pink, since that's the color of my tongue. Luckily a few friends of hers told her that she couldn't call a boy dog Pink. She thought about making it a bit darker and calling me Red, but decided that her "logic" would take too long to explain to people.

She ended up sticking with the science geek theme, but at least I'm not a parasite! Because Snowball and other snow related names are common for my breed, she wanted something a little less obvious. The girl tried to think of something that looked like a blur when it moved, had a long tail, and was snowy. A comet fit that description and still tied to her "science theme" of dog naming.

The worst part is that she calls me strange things related to my name. Sometimes instead of calling me Comet, she calls me Commie (maybe she still thinks of me being red). Other times, she will sing my name and call me "Comet Comet Comet Comet Comet Chameleon. You come and go, you come and go". I'm never sure what to do. Should I stay or should I go?

But the worst one is when she sings that Comet song to the tune of the Colonel Bogey March. I think they screwed up the words where she grew up, because other people sing it with the words green, gasoline, listerine, or something similar.

Comet, will make your teeth turn blue
Comet, will make you poo poo poo
Will make you vomit
So try some Comet, and vomit, today

How did your people sing this song?

Are there strange things that your people do to your name?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Cable Guy

My girl didn't believe me when I said that I fixed the internet so she called the cable guy to come fix it again. It was very exciting when his truck pulled up because I thought I would get to play with somebody new. No such luck. She locked BLU and me in the bedroom. We could stick our noses under the door and snort at him, but couldn't see him at all. The internet does seem to work better though.

Now I can read all of my friends' blogs and find out what fun things they did today. I can also shop online to find some fun Christmas cards to send to my new friends from Dogs With Blogs. Every day I bark at the mail lady because she never brings me anything. Hopefully soon BLU and I will get lots of Christmas cards from our new friends. ~~Comet

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Logging on

The girl broke the Internet! I've tried to update my blog a couple of times this week but each time I start typing I lost my connection.

It is very frustrating because I'm so exciting and have so much to say.

Today I got tired of waiting for my girl to fix it and took matters into my own paws. I think I finally got it to work.

Now, how do I keep my girl from touching the computer again? Any ideas?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sikh Parade

I was taking a nice nap, when I heard strange noises. There was a deep thumping noise, over and over again. Instead of going away, it just got louder and louder. I looked out the window and saw men carrying big knives and wearing orange dresses. I didn't think they belonged on my street, so I ran and got the girl, and barked until she went outside to look. After the men walked past the house, a bunch of other people went past. All of them were wearing really bright colors. There was also a man on a big platform who was wagging a big fluffy thing in his hands. At first I thought it was Comet's tail!

Even though I tricked him into eating Giardia yesterday, I didn't really want him hurt, so I hope they didn't cut off his tail. Nope. I just looked. His tail is still there. Whew!

The girl went out to take a few pictures, and the people gave her a bottle of water. When she came back in the house, I heard her telling a friend on the phone about the Sikh nagar kirtan (public procession) to celebrate Guru Nanak Dev Ji's birthday.

Usually I just have joggers and people walking their dogs go past my house. What a treat today!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Giardia attack!

I was reading Ender's blog and he isn't feeling well either. His tummy is upset and he's been throwing up lately. Yuck! I hate it when I get sick. His doctor tested him for Giardia and other parasites. I don't know what they had to do for the test, but I hope his people didn't try to hold a cup under him every time he went to the bathroom.

My girl must have got what she needed, because she stopped chasing me around with the cup yesterday morning. Good thing too. It was just plain weird!

Since Comet kept getting in the way when my girl chased me with the cup, I found a way to pay him back. I told him I had a fun toy, but I really made him eat Giardia! hehehe. I hope he gets sick and the girl has to chase him with a cup!

Thursday, November 02, 2006!

This morning, instead of opening the doggie door like normal, the girl put BLU on a leash and took her in the back yard. I followed, wondering why I didn't get the leash too. Then, when BLU started to pee, the girl stuck a plastic cup under her. BLU didn't like it, but some of the pee made it into the container. The girl let go of BLU's leash, and I ran up, and peed in the container too! It was fun! The girl got mad and dumped all of it on the ground. Then she went up to the house.

BLU ran in the house. I was busy peeing on the ground and didn't notice why BLU ran so fast. When I finished marking my spot, I looked up to head into the house and the mean girl sprayed me with the hose. I hate the hose! I did not deserve that one bit!

Chased by a cup

I don't know what is wrong with my girl. Yesterday after she got home from work, she listened to the message machine and then started acting weird. Every time I went outside, she chased me with a cup, trying to catch my pee. That's just not right! A girl should be allowed to squat in private. I let her know what I thought of that, and promptly got up and trotted away. I would rather hold it than pee in a cup! YUCK!

I don't know what BLU's problem is. I think it would be fun to try to pee in the cup. While the girl was chasing BLU with the cup, I was chasing the cup. I lifted my leg a few times and started to aim, but the girl wouldn't let me. I thought it looked like a fun game.