Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hamburger or Hotdog?

Yesterday the girl found my secret hiding place for Comet's toy. It was funny that it took her so long to find it. I'm very good at hiding things.

Once she found it, Comet showed how greedy he was by hogging both toys. Did you see his face? What a psycho! He wouldn't even let me get close to either of them.

I think I should steal one of those toys in the middle of the night and hide it again. Or maybe I should mail it to one of my new friends, like Peony Stormrider. Only I'm afraid that he would lose it in all the waves he plays in.

Joey and Hana were trying to figure out whether the toys were hamburgers or hot dogs. My girl has always called it a hot dog, even though she thinks it is weird to have hot dogs with sesame seeds on the bun.

Here it is next to my hamburger toy. Help me decide. Hamburger? or Hot dog?



Peanut said...

Oh Hotdog

Joe Stains said...

maybe its a McRib(tm)


Hana said...

The only surefire way for me to guess is for me to take a bite out of each of your food toys!!

Fu Fu said...

Hey BLU, I think the longish one is a hot dog while the round one is a Hamburger. heee

~ fufu