Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Scary black box

The girl took the scary black box out of the closet tonight. The box is scary because she puts her clothes in it and then disappears. She filled it up with a bunch of clothes and then took it outside. I started pacing right away because I thought she was going to leave tonight and I hardly had time to see her after she got home from work. But then she came back in the house to play with us. She knows it makes me very nervous when I see it.

I think she is trying to be tricky. The silly girl thinks if she puts that box outside tonight, that I will forget about it tomorrow and think she is leaving for work like normal. I know better than that. I'm going to be really clingy to my girl for the rest of the night.

I think it is really fun when the girl leaves. Sure, I like having her home, but she didn't leave the house at all for almost 5 days last week, so it will be kind of nice for her to leave for a while. Plus, Liz comes to stay with us when the girl leaves. Liz likes me better than BLU, so I love it when Liz visits. I can get away with being really naughty.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Barking all night

This has been a pretty boring weekend for us. Our girl still wasn't feeling all that good, so we didn't get to do anything too fun.

Yesterday when my girl got out of bed, she could hardly move and was in a lot of pain. She could hardly stand up straight and kept saying "ouch ouch ouch" every time she walked. We were hoping she would play with us, but she didn't feel much better at all. She spent most of the day sitting on or laying on a little pillow that got really hot.

We tried to play catch with her, but she couldn't bend down to pick up the toys to throw. We needed to actually put them in her hand for her to throw them. We know she was trying, but it wasn't that much fun.

Before she went to bed, she took a special aspirin. She fell asleep really early and slept all night. I've never seen her sleep so hard before. There was a cat on our porch last night, and we got to bark at it. Really bark at it! First I barked, then Comet barked. Usually the girl will wake up and yell at us to be quiet, but she didn't wake up at all. We ran in and out of the house barking, and she didn't wake up. We jumped on the bed and she just snored away.

Finally she woke up this morning. She seemed to feel better. She was still walking funny, but didn't seem to be in as much pain. She was able to bend over and pick things up today, although she was pretty slow when she did it.

This afternoon, she finally left the house. While we love spending time with our girl, she hadn't left the house in four whole days! She went out for only a little while today, but at least she felt good enough to go out. When she came back, she had chinese food. We love chinese food! And this time it was even better. Usually she eats really hot and spicy food, so we can only taste a little before our tongues burn. This time, none of it was spicy. It was sooooo delicious!

She got chicken and vegetable soup, and she put a little bit of the broth over our kibble. It was so yummy, Comet and I gobbled it up. It was so much better than the hot and sour soup she usually gets. She usually only gives us a tiny piece of the spicy tofu. She also ate some veggie chow fun. Comet and I each got a couple of noodles. This name kind of scares me. What's a chow fun noodle? Hopefully they aren't made of fun chows! Yikes! These weren't spicy this time either. Yum yum. Maybe the girl should be sick more often so she shares her yummy non-spicy food with us.

Friday, January 26, 2007

The girl was sick

I feel bad that I was so mad at my girl in my last post. On Wednesday, she came home from work early. I was hoping she was going to take us out somewhere fun. Instead, she spent the rest of the day in the bathroom making gross noises or sleeping. A few times, I didn't know what she was doing. Usually she sits on the white water bowl in the bathroom, but she was kneeling in front of it the several times that I went in to check on her. She usually yells at BLU for drinking out of it, so I don't think she was drinking.

Every time she came out of the bathroom, she would go to sleep on the couch. She usually doesn't sleep on the couch, so every couple of hours, I would jump up and put my nose to her nose, just to make sure she was still breathing. She would wake up, pet me, and go back to sleep. A few times, her stomach was making noises that were really really scary and I barked at it.

Yesterday, she didn't seem much better. She turned the heater so hot that I was panting, but she kept putting on more clothes and blankets. She spent most of the day in bed, which wasn't very fun for me and BLU. Every now and then, one of us would hop on the bed to make sure she was ok.

Today, she seemed a little better. She got out of bed and actually sat on the couch for a while. She ate a little bit of food, but nothing good - just dry yucky crackers. She made a few noodles for dinner tonight, but no sauce. Doesn't she know that the sauce is the best part? Who wants plain noodles? That wasn't even worth begging for!

I hope my girl feels better soon. I miss playing with her and getting yummy food.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I, Comet, hereby retract every nice thing I ever said about the girl. She's a mean horrible person and I don't like her one bit.

I spent all day yesterday trying to make the perfect anniversary gift for her. I was going to throw streamers around the house, but she put the toilet paper where I couldn't reach. I really wanted to get her a gift, but when you are limited to the house and yard, it's pretty hard to find something. After hiding out back most the day, I was finally able to catch a nice juicy bird for the girl. That wasn't easy. It's not like I can just run out to Bird-Mart and pick one up! I remembered that she doesn't like it when I bring birds in the house, so I left it in the back yard by the step so she couldn't miss it. Then I waited for her to come home with my present.

And I waited
And waited
And waited.

The girl was at work for 14 hours yesterday! I can't believe she didn't come home early to spend time with me. That's not right. By the time she got home at 10pm, it was too dark to show her my present. And after all the effort that went into getting it. I don't like my girl.

Not only did she come home late and ruin the surprise that I had for her, but she didn't even bring me anything. Nothing. No gift. No present. Not even any special food. What kind of rotten person do I live with?

The only good part of the whole day was when she brought in the mail. There was a special present for me and BLU. Huskee Boy sent us a gift. He and his NICE person were very thoughtful and sent us a couple more door stoppers, so BLU and I won't get locked in rooms anymore. Now we have one for every door, plus one in case we break one. That was so very thoughtful and made my day. I wish my girl was that thoughtful!

Monday, January 22, 2007


Today is my anniversary. It's been two whole years since the girl brought me home to live with her. On January 22, 2005 I had my 5 minutes of fame. I was on a TV show called Pets on Parade. That was kind of fun, but pretty scary at the same time. I had to get groomed and then was surrounded by all sorts of people that made up nice things about me, just so somebody would want to take me home.

After the show was over, I had to go back to my cage at the humane society and wait for all the people who wanted to adopt me. Nobody showed up. How could that be? I was the most handsome dog on the show that day. Finally, one person came. It was the girl. She thought I was adorable and wanted to play with me.

I was taken to the play area with the girl. I didn't like her at first. She smelled like another dog. She patted the ground near her until I couldn't resist any further and attacked her hand. She was quick. She pulled it away before I could sink my teeth into her, then she found my sweet spot where I like to be rubbed. What a tricky girl. I liked her so much I peed on her foot. She must not have liked that, because then she got up and left and I was put back in my cage. I hoped that somebody else saw me on TV and wanted a famous dog. Nobody else came.

After what seemed like a really long time, the girl came back. She came back! She brought the other dog that I smelled earlier. All of us went into a big grassy area, but BLU and I didn't really like each other. We were both really nervous and scared. We didn't fight, but we kept our distance. Despite that, the girl decided that we would eventually get along, and decided to take me home.

It turns out that she didn't even see me on TV, and didn't know all the nice lies they told about me. She picked me because she thought it would look cute when she walked both me and BLU at the same time. Sometimes the girl does things for completely stupid reasons, but they still turn out fine.

All I can say is that I'm glad that the humane society has low standards and let the girl take me home - stupid reason or not. She had tried to adopt two other dogs before me from various rescue groups. Both turned her down and called her an "unfit pet owner" because she was single, worked full time, and sometimes has to travel for work. Can you believe it?

I know I sometimes complain about the girl because she works too long, and forgets to change light bulbs, doesn't take me on a walk as often as I want to go, and won't let me chew toilet paper or pee in the house. But I also know how much she loves me and will do just about anything to make sure that I am safe, happy, and have everything that I need (and some things that I want). I'm really happy here and even like having BLU as a big sis. I think I'll make a special present just for the girl to thank her for adopting me and wish her a happy anniversary.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Crazy Weather

The weather in Phoenix has been crazy lately. When we woke up, it was cold and rainy. An hour later, the rain stopped and the sky started to turn blue. Our girl decided to take us for a quick walk. We were only about 3 blocks from the house, when it started raining again. None of us liked that, so the girl rushed us home and dried us with a towel.

The towel game is fun. The girl wraps a really big towel around me, and then I fall to the floor and play dead. Then she has to try to dry me all the way around, and ends up picking me up in the towel. Once she picks me up, I wiggle all over to make it hard for her to catch me. She puts the towel over my head so I can't see and bump into things. Sometimes Comet will try to bite my head when the girl does this. That part isn't quite so fun.

After we were dried off and warmed up, we heard a really loud bang and saw light. It sounded like a scary storm. Then there was another bang and light. And another. Then the tv and lights turned off. It was really scary. The girl went outside and all of the neighbors were out there too. I don't know what a transformer is or why it would explode, but that's what all the people were saying.

Since the girl didn't have electricity, she abandoned us at home and went shopping for a long time. When she came back, the electricity was back on and she had a bag of new food (for Comet) and some biscuits. That was exciting. We like it when she buys us stuff.

About an hour later, the girl was doing something in the yard and we heard another loud boom and flashes of light. The power didn't go off this time - this was a real storm. Instead of rain drops, weird fluffy stuff fell out of the sky. It wasn't the same as feathers. It was cold and wet, and turned to drops when it hit the ground. I had weird cold white flakes all over my fur. I didn't like it one bit, so I ran in the house and hid. Comet hid with me.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Let there be light.....

...and internet too!

The girl finally replaced the light bulb today. We appreciate Joey's offer of having his mom bring one by, but our girl actually had a whole box of light bulbs. She's just didn't want to stand on a stool and change the bulb in the dark. What a wimp.

Our internet broke again on Thursday. At first we thought the girl was breaking it on purpose to keep us away from her computer while she was gone. She got mad at the broken internet too, so I don't think she did it on purpose. Today the cable guy came to the house to fix the internet. We wanted to watch what he was doing, but the girl locked us in her bedroom the entire time. It must have been really broken, because it took him almost 2 hours to fix it.

We almost escaped the bedroom and got to help. After an hour, the girl decided to give us each a biscuit for being quiet in her room. Usually she slides them under the door when she doesn't want us to get out. Today, she must not have been thinking, because she opened the bedroom door to hand us the biscuits. Comet almost got out, but the girl was too quick and blocked him with her leg and the door. I thought it was really fun, but I think the cable guy almost pooped his pants. Too bad I missed it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

In the dark

I think the girl is trying to trick us. BLU still doesn't want to eat her special food, so now the girl is feeding us in the dark. Doesn't she know that BLU's food smells different than mine? Why does she think we can't tell the difference when the room is dark?

That's not why we are eating in the dark. The light bulb in the food room burned out and the girl hasn't changed it yet. And it's been a whole week. Maybe one of these days she will fix the light so we can see again.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Bye Bye Birdies

I think the cold weather chased away all the birds, because we haven't seen hardly any birds since the invasion a couple of days ago.

It has been really cold here. The temperature has been getting down to 28F ( -2C) for the past couple of nights. The girl doesn't like the cold at all. She keeps adding blankets to the bed. I don't think BLU likes the cold either. Last night, BLU slept on the bed with the girl - something she NEVER does.

I love the cold. I think it is really cool to go outside and have the grass crunch under my feet. When I breathe, weird clouds come out of my mouth. I try to chase them.

This morning, the girl bundled up and took us for a walk. We didn't go very far. Somebody had their sprinkler on and the water froze on the sidewalk. The girl stepped on it and slipped and fell down. She didn't get hurt, but she didn't want to walk us any more, so she brought us back home. I guess I will just have to spend the rest of the day chasing the clouds from my mouth.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Birds!

Our neighborhood was invaded by birds today. Every time we turned around, we were surrounded. It was sooooo cooool. BLU and I spent all afternoon chasing them around and around. Usually, we chase birds and they fly away. Today, every time some flew away, 100s more took their place. We weren't able to catch any though.

At first we thought this looked like a lot of birds. But then there were more.

And More

And more....

How many can you count in this picture?

(click the pictures to see them bigger)

Friday, January 05, 2007


Even though the girl was supposed to have the day off, she spent most of the morning working anyway. We wanted to go for a walk this morning, but it was pretty rainy (and we don't like water). So, Comet spent the morning being goofy as usual, and I just chilled.

Now that the sun is coming out and it is drying up, we have been having a lot of fun chasing pigeons in the yard today. The tree guys got rid of all their nests, so they don't know where to go when we chase them. BLU almost caught one this morning, but it got away. I think she got a feather though.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

More scary noises

There were a lot of scary noises at our house today.
Early in the morning, a big truck pulled up to the house. The girl told Comet to go in his box (crate) and locked him in. Then four men got out of the truck. Two of them had big loud things called chainsaws. Those made a lot of noise! One of the men climbed a palm tree at the side of the house and turned on his chainsaw. It was really loud. Big pieces of the tree came down and made really loud sounds as they hit the ground. Sometimes they would hit the house and make loud noises too.

Another man with a chainsaw was in the front of the house and cut down a big tree. That was really scary. Comet was glad he was safe in his box, otherwise he would have been barking non stop! While the men were chopping the trees, another man came to the house. He put a ladder against the house and then started walking on the roof. Footsteps aren't supposed to be on the top of the house. Even in his box, Comet started barking because it was really scary.

I don't know what the man on the roof was doing, but he kept making the heater turn on and off. He left for a little while, but came back and made even more noise on the roof. The girl gave him money and he finally left. At least now she isn't afraid to turn on the heater any more. And the whole house doesn't vibrate when she does!

The tree men were still here when the heater guy left. They still had their chainsaws going in the back yard and palms kept crashing to the ground. I didn't like it one bit. The tree guys finally finished up, and the girl gave them some money and left. I think all the scary noises for the day are gone now.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Scary noises

I heard a scary noise last night. It was really loud and sounded like the roof was going to cave in. I ran around the house trying to find it, but I couldn't. So I barked. And barked. And then barked some more. BLU just paced around the house. That's what she does when she gets scared. Our girl didn't like that noise one bit either. At first she thought somebody was on the roof, and went and locked all the doors and checked the windows. Then she thought it was coming from the heater. She turned the heater off for a while. Then the house got cold, so she turned the heater back on. Then we heard the scary noise again. The girl jumped up and turned the heater off. She was really scared and kept it off. The house was really cold all night.

Tonight, I heard the noise again. It was still scary. The girl didn't think it was as scary as last night. She turned the heater on, but not as warm as she likes it. I know she was still keeping an eye on it. I think she's a little bit afraid of the heater now.

ps. I'm not doing a good job of keeping my resolutions. I'm still mauling the girl every time she gets my leash out to go for a walk.

Monday, January 01, 2007


Happy New Year!
We decided to start this year with our resolutions.

  • I resolve to stop mauling the girl every time she gets out my leash. I will try to curb my enthusiasm so that she will want to take me out more often.
  • I resolve to stop trying to steal food from the counter or my girl's plate. If I'm patient enough or cute enough when I beg, she will give me some anyway. I don't need to be obnoxious and steal it.
  • (The girl thinks I should add that I won't mark in the house, steal toilet paper and tissues, or go nuts at the door. Let's be real here - there is no way that I could keep those resolutions.)


I don't know why I need to make any resolutions. I'm perfect as I am. But, to humor the girl, here are my resolutions for 2007

  • I resolve to be a little nicer to Comet, even though he does drive me nuts and get on my nerves.
  • I resolve to stop trying to trade food with Comet. There is a reason the girl makes me eat special food and I should try to cooperate more.