Monday, October 30, 2006

House to myself!

Woo hoo! I got the house to myself! All to myself! No girl! No BLU! Just me!

The girl came home early today and put me in the crate and locked the door. Hmmm, something was up because she usually doesn't lock the crate.

Then she got out BLU's leash. Hey! That doesn't seem right.

She took BLU outside. I barked because I wanted to go too! The girl came back in the house without BLU. I didn't see BLU out front. Where did she go? How did the girl make BLU disappear?

I heard the girl open the biscuit container and toss a few biscuits around the house. They thumped as they landed. How many was that? 4? 5? 10? Oh, this is so exciting!

The girl opened the door to my crate, handed me a biscuit, and told me to be good. She left and locked the door.

I think she drove the car, but I didn't really pay attention. I was trying to find all the biscuits. After I found a couple of biscuits, I realized that both the girl and BLU were gone. I wasn't sure what to do. I've never been alone in the house before.

I ran to check the bathroom - the garbage can was empty so I couldn't do that for the girl. The toilet paper was up too high for me to reach, so I couldn't decorate the house. I jumped on all the furniture, but that wasn't fun without BLU chasing me. I spent more time looking for biscuits, just in case one was still hiding. Finally, I just went into my crate and waited for the girl and BLU to come home. Staying home alone wasn't quite as much fun as I thought it would be.

They weren't gone very long. BLU told me that she had to go to the doctor and get poked by a needle and a thermometer! Still, she got to go for a car ride.

I think the girl knew I was upset. She got my leash and took both me and BLU out for a walk. That was fun!

Doctor visit

I was so excited today. My girl came home early from work and got out my leash. What a wonderful surprise. I'm going to get to go someplace fun. I hope it is PetsMart! Since the duck is dead, I want to pick out another new toy.

Even better yet, I don't think Comet gets to come with me. That means I can pick out the toy I want and not the one he wants. Before my girl got out my leash, she told Comet to go in his crate and locked the door. Usually he jumps and makes it difficult for my girl to put on our leashes.

Once I had my leash, the girl opened the car door, let me in, then closed the door. Then she ran back in the house. I bet she went to get more money to buy me more toys! She came out a minute later and we were off for a ride. After a few minutes, we pulled up to a place that was NOT PetsMart. Hey! I remember this place. This is the doctor's office! I don't like this one bit.

The girl took me in and they tried to make me get on a scale. How rude! Asking a girl her weight is like asking her age. It just isn't good manners! I refused to get on the scale. My girl picked me up and put me on it! Hmmmph!

Then I went into the room to see the doctor. I heard the girl telling the doctor something about my hair thinning out. The doctor agreed that it looked a little thin, but only after taking my temperature. I'm not even going to tell you where they put that thermometer! How rude!

The doctor took me in the back room, then scraped some of my skin to check for mites, and took some blood for tests. At least they had the courtesy to give me a pedicure while I waited. The doctor told the girl that I didn't have mites or fleas, and it would be a couple of days before the blood test was back. I hope I pass the test!

I don't know how much it cost, but on the drive back, the girl kept calling me "expensive dog". It must have been my pedicure!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

(Un)Lucky Ducky

The girl got us a toy today. Notice, I said "a" toy. Not each of us a toy. Just one toy! What was she thinking?

Because we like catching big birds in the back yard so much, she got us a big stuffed duck, that made quacking noises when you bit into it. It was so cool. For about 10 minutes! Then I bit the quacker and made it stop working.

Comet and I had a hard time deciding who got to kill the duck. I grabbed it and ran away with it. What a fun duck to kill. I shook it, and tossed it, and jumped on it, and chewed on its wings and neck. During my turn with the duck, I was able to chew a hole in its back and start pulling out some of its guts (err... stuffing).

That was pretty fun.We both took turns grabbing it by the neck and shaking it. Every time I would throw it in the air to play with it, Comet would run in and try to steal it away from me. Sometimes he was quick enough and grabbed the duck.

Once Comet grabbed the duck, he would chew on it for a while. He liked to try to chew a hole in the beak so he could pull the brains (stuffing) out of it. He does the same thing when we catch real birds in the back yard. He likes to bite the beaks. He's so weird.

When he got tired of chewing on the duck's head, he would start running around the house playing with it, tossing it in the air. Then I would jump back in and steal it from him!

Sometimes we both tried to grab it at the same time. If one of us growled, the girl would get mad and take it away. Comet and I eventually learned to take turns, so that way the girl didn't stick it in the closet.

We played with it for about 2 hours, and then all of the guts were gone. It's not fun to play with anymore, since there is nothing to chew on. Kind of like with a real bird. It's fun at first, but then when it stops fighting, it just isn't fun any more.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Dorky Halloween hat

The girl decided that BLU looked evil in the horns so she would get to wear them on Halloween. I was so happy. I thought I lucked out and wouldn't have to get dressed up in something stupid for Halloween. No such luck!
The girl bought me this dorky hat. In this picture it is hard to tell, but there is a strip of purple feathers and a purple bat on the top. What were they thinking when they designed this!?!

Tell me this. Who puts a witch's hat on a boy dog? BLU should be wearing this if anyone. And I don't think anyone should be subject to this hat. Not even a rat! Even Fu Fu's Pumpkin Head was less humiliating than this!

I told that to the girl, but she didn't care. She insisted that I wear it. Forget it! A guy has to maintain some sense of dignity. This hat is coming off. NOW!

Now that I got this dorky thing off my head, I need to rip it into tiny pieces before the girl can grab it back and put it back on me. Take that, ugly hat with the purple bat!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Trick or Treat!

What do you think of my scary face? Do you think the trick or treaters will think twice about knocking on my door?

The girl got me these horns as a Halloween costume. Usually, I think it is rather humiliating to have to put on silly little hats for holidays, but this one is pretty cool. She made Comet try them on, but he just looked normal to me - he usually hides his horns when the girl looks at him, so she thinks he's cute and sweet. I live with him all day while she is at work and know better!

On the other hand (paw??), I'm very very sweet and never do anything naughty! So when the girl made me put on the horns, I knew it was because it was for halloween, and she wasn't saying anything sinister about my wonderful personality.

My girlfriend's back....

and there's going to be trouble.....

Abby came to visit again today while the girl was at work. I was so excited when she thumped her tail against the front door. I even showed her my brand new toy and started squeaking it for her. She wanted to play with it, but the darned door got in her way. I did my best to open it for her, but all I managed to do was pull the curtains off the door.

My girl wasn't happy to drive up to the house and see me standing in the door, without any curtains. I don't know why. I have a much better view of the road this way. You wouldn't believe how many people walk past the house all day. It's very exciting.

After the girl was in the house, she scowled at me, rehung the curtains, and then put these things on my head. I didn't like them, but she just laughed and told me how perfect they were for me!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

It's back, it's back, it's back!

I had a hot dog squeaky toy that I loved. The girl got it and the yellow squeaky ball for me at the same time when I first moved in with her. Those are my two favorite toys in the whole world!

About a month ago I lost the hot dog. I looked everywhere for it, but couldn't find it anywhere. Today the girl gave me a great surprise. She brought home a new hot dog just like the missing one. I was so happy I started crying the second I saw it.

I bit into it. It sounded just like the old one! I started to cry again. The girl didn't understand why I was crying, but I was just so happy I couldn't help it!

I've been playing with my new toy all day. BLU is getting cranky, but I think she is just jealous because I got a new toy and she didn't.

Make it stop!

That sound is going to drive me nuts! Comet has been squeaking his new toy all day long. And I mean ALL DAY LONG! Sure, he stops for about 5 minutes every hour to run outside and bark at something, but otherwise all I hear is squeak, Squeak, SQUEAK! And on top of it, he is whining as he is squeaking it. How much more does the girl expect me to take? I hid this toy before, I can hide it again! And if he doesn't stop soon, I will!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lesson learned? Of course not!

My friend Hana asked if I learned a lesson after begging for chicken curry. I was going to respond that the only thing I learned was that my girl was mean. Really mean!

On Friday, she was super mean. She put beef, mushrooms, wine, and onion soup into the crock pot and let it cook all day while she was at work. Do you know how good that smelled? And not for just a half hour like normal cooking, but ALL DAY LONG!

It took all I could do to not jump up on the counter and take a taste. But then I worried that it was a trick. That it would burn my tongue again like the chicken. When she came home, I couldn't help myself and I begged for some. BLU told me not to, but I did anyway.

Then, the girl did something really nice. She filled BLU and my bowls with our normal dinner, then scooped some of the gravy from her food on top. WOW! It was as yummy as it smelled! I can't believe how nice my girl can be sometimes!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Be careful what you wish for

The girl cooked chicken with red curry tonight that smelled really yummy. When she walked out of the kitchen, I tried jumping on the stove to grab it, but she put it on the back burner so I couldn't reach it. The entire time she was cooking it, all I could think about was grabbing it and eating it!

Finally she sat down to eat. I begged and begged, even though I know I'm not supposed to beg. But what do you expect? You can't make something that smelled that good and expect me to ignore it.

Finally, when the girl was done eating, she carried her bowl into the kitchen. Oh no! She's going to wash her dish and I'm not going to get anything! I need to do something. I need to get it! I jumped up and nearly knocked the bowl out of her hands! I think she got the point because she wiped her finger along the inside of the bowl and let me lick her finger!

YIKES! YUCK! HOT HOT HOT! I can't believe she actually let me lick this! My mouth is on fire! What in the world did she cook? This is making my eyes water and my tongue is burning! I had to wipe my whole head against the rug to try to get rid of the taste.

And can you believe this? The girl laughed at me and then had the nerve to tell me that I got what I deserved for begging! Hmphh!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Attack of the killer toy

I love this toy. The day I moved in with the girl, she took me shopping and let me pick out a toy. This is what I wanted and she bought it for me. It's the perfect size for my mouth and squeaks when I bite it. Plus, BLU doesn't like it, so it is all mine and I don't have to share.

Last night, the girl was playing catch with me and my favorite toy. It was really fun, until BLU tried to get in on the game. I saw her coming and laid down on top of the toy to hide it.

Success! She didn't see the toy and went away. When she left, I got up, but the toy was stuck to my tail! I tried to get it off myself and chased my tail for a while. The girl thought that was really funny and laughed and laughed.

Then, I tried stepping on my tail to hold it still, so I could pull the toy out. My toes got tangled in my tail, and when I stood up, it really hurt. I started screaming and crying because my toes where stuck. My toes hurt. My tail hurt. I still couldn't get the toy.

The girl finally tackled me and freed my toes and the toy. She muttered something about it always being fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Hmph.

I think I need a new favorite toy.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The girl is home!!!

Our girl came home last night! Yippee!! We were so happy to see her. As soon as she got in the house, she set down her bag and dropped to the floor to hug us and play with us. It was great! After about a half hour of kisses and hugs, she called Liz. Because we were still trying to get more hugs and wouldn't let her hold the phone, she put Liz on the speaker. That was pretty cool, because we got to hear what Liz said about us.

Mostly it was good. Liz told the girl that she loved staying with us and thought about sneaking us to her house to live. I think that was a compliment, but I didn't like it. I want to stay at my house with my girl. The girl agreed and said we were staying right where we were.

Liz also told the girl that we were very caring dogs. On two nights when the girl was gone, Liz started coughing really bad in the middle of the night and had a hard time breathing. Comet jumped on the bed to see if she needed help. I wasn't sure what to do, so I put my feet on the bed and watched Liz. Even after she fell back asleep, I kept an eye on her. Even if it meant sleeping in the bedroom instead of my favorite place on the couch. Comet and I stuck real close to Liz after that - just in case she needed our help again.

Even though BLU told me not to give the girl a gift, I couldn't resist. I even got it early so it would be waiting for the girl whenever she got back. I caught a great big pigeon and put it on the kitchen floor. Unfortunately, Liz found it. She screamed when she saw it! It was kind of funny, until she scooped up my gift and threw it away. I was really sad because the girl wasn't going to know I was thinking of her, but Liz told her about the gift on the phone. The girl seemed happy that Liz got rid of my present. :-(

The girl didn't go in to work today, so we got to play with her all day. We really enjoyed that, even if she did insist on brushing us.

Welcome back girl!
Comet and BLU

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Still not home

Can you believe it? Our girl still hasn´t come home yet. Liz has been very nice and gives us a greenie every day. The girl only gives us one a week! Aren´t we spoiled! Even being spoiled, we miss our girl. Liz says she is coming home tomorrow. I´d like to give her a welcome home gift, but I don´t think she will want it. She gets rid of all our other gifts.