Sunday, October 29, 2006

(Un)Lucky Ducky

The girl got us a toy today. Notice, I said "a" toy. Not each of us a toy. Just one toy! What was she thinking?

Because we like catching big birds in the back yard so much, she got us a big stuffed duck, that made quacking noises when you bit into it. It was so cool. For about 10 minutes! Then I bit the quacker and made it stop working.

Comet and I had a hard time deciding who got to kill the duck. I grabbed it and ran away with it. What a fun duck to kill. I shook it, and tossed it, and jumped on it, and chewed on its wings and neck. During my turn with the duck, I was able to chew a hole in its back and start pulling out some of its guts (err... stuffing).

That was pretty fun.We both took turns grabbing it by the neck and shaking it. Every time I would throw it in the air to play with it, Comet would run in and try to steal it away from me. Sometimes he was quick enough and grabbed the duck.

Once Comet grabbed the duck, he would chew on it for a while. He liked to try to chew a hole in the beak so he could pull the brains (stuffing) out of it. He does the same thing when we catch real birds in the back yard. He likes to bite the beaks. He's so weird.

When he got tired of chewing on the duck's head, he would start running around the house playing with it, tossing it in the air. Then I would jump back in and steal it from him!

Sometimes we both tried to grab it at the same time. If one of us growled, the girl would get mad and take it away. Comet and I eventually learned to take turns, so that way the girl didn't stick it in the closet.

We played with it for about 2 hours, and then all of the guts were gone. It's not fun to play with anymore, since there is nothing to chew on. Kind of like with a real bird. It's fun at first, but then when it stops fighting, it just isn't fun any more.

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Fu Fu said...

Oh boy, the poor duck. So which one of you 'officially' killed the duck? hee It sure looked like a real duck

~ fufu