Friday, October 27, 2006

Dorky Halloween hat

The girl decided that BLU looked evil in the horns so she would get to wear them on Halloween. I was so happy. I thought I lucked out and wouldn't have to get dressed up in something stupid for Halloween. No such luck!
The girl bought me this dorky hat. In this picture it is hard to tell, but there is a strip of purple feathers and a purple bat on the top. What were they thinking when they designed this!?!

Tell me this. Who puts a witch's hat on a boy dog? BLU should be wearing this if anyone. And I don't think anyone should be subject to this hat. Not even a rat! Even Fu Fu's Pumpkin Head was less humiliating than this!

I told that to the girl, but she didn't care. She insisted that I wear it. Forget it! A guy has to maintain some sense of dignity. This hat is coming off. NOW!

Now that I got this dorky thing off my head, I need to rip it into tiny pieces before the girl can grab it back and put it back on me. Take that, ugly hat with the purple bat!

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