Monday, October 23, 2006

Trick or Treat!

What do you think of my scary face? Do you think the trick or treaters will think twice about knocking on my door?

The girl got me these horns as a Halloween costume. Usually, I think it is rather humiliating to have to put on silly little hats for holidays, but this one is pretty cool. She made Comet try them on, but he just looked normal to me - he usually hides his horns when the girl looks at him, so she thinks he's cute and sweet. I live with him all day while she is at work and know better!

On the other hand (paw??), I'm very very sweet and never do anything naughty! So when the girl made me put on the horns, I knew it was because it was for halloween, and she wasn't saying anything sinister about my wonderful personality.

1 comment:

Fu Fu said...

Hey you do look scary but in a cute way with the cool horns. ;)

~ fufu