Monday, October 23, 2006

My girlfriend's back....

and there's going to be trouble.....

Abby came to visit again today while the girl was at work. I was so excited when she thumped her tail against the front door. I even showed her my brand new toy and started squeaking it for her. She wanted to play with it, but the darned door got in her way. I did my best to open it for her, but all I managed to do was pull the curtains off the door.

My girl wasn't happy to drive up to the house and see me standing in the door, without any curtains. I don't know why. I have a much better view of the road this way. You wouldn't believe how many people walk past the house all day. It's very exciting.

After the girl was in the house, she scowled at me, rehung the curtains, and then put these things on my head. I didn't like them, but she just laughed and told me how perfect they were for me!

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