Sunday, February 25, 2007

Frenzied Friday

Friday was full of adventure.
The girl came home from work about an hour early, and this is the first thing she saw.

She didn't like that sight at all, and went to check out other rooms. I followed her to investigate as well.

This is what she saw in her office.

Right away, she assumed that this was my handiwork. I wish I could take credit for this, but how could such a cute dog make a big mess like this?
I tried my hardest to convince her that I was framed. Framed I tell you!

At first I thought the girl believed me. She locked BLU in the crate and went to the closet to get my leash! Woo hoo! I get to go for a walk while BLU gets punished for making the mess. I knew perfecting my innocent face would eventually pay off.

Instead of taking me for a walk, the girl put me in the car. The girl went back in the house to let BLU out of the crate, then got in the car. I can't believe I'm getting a car ride out of this. It's even better than a walk. And BLU doesn't get to go. hehehehe

BLU adds, at first I was a little miffed that Comet was getting rewarded for making a mess, but then I realized that my girl was too smart to fall for his tricks. I was hoping that she was finally returning him to the pound, where he belongs.

The girl did not return me, but she did take me to the vet. I finished my medicine a couple of days ago, and my cough came back. The vet visit was not fun at all. First they put me on a weird table and made me lay upside down - and very still. They took funny pictures of my insides. They showed these pictures to the girl, and said that my lungs and heart looked good. Then, the vet told the girl that they wanted to test me for Valley Fever, and I had to go back in the scary room and they took blood out of me. This was scary because they didn't take it out of my foot - they took it out of my neck.

The vet gave the girl some more medicine for my cough. I was very happy to get back in the car and go back home to BLU

BLU adds .... I was very disappointed that the girl brought Comet back.

After such a busy Friday, I hopped on my favorite chair and zonked out.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Happy Mardi Gras everyone! I'm not sure if the girl is going to make us give something up for Lent, so I decided that I better indulge in all of my favorite vices today.
I snuck into the girl's bedroom while she was at work today. She has all sorts of cool things in there that I usually don't get to play with.

The girl hasn't allowed us to play with our Valentine's hedgehogs very long, because she doesn't want us to destroy them. But the girl wasn't here to stop me, so I got to pull all the stuffing out of it!
After the hedgehog was destuffed, I decided to dig a hole in the bed. Usually I just scratch at the sheets, but this time I was able to make a hole. Very cool!

While I was digging the hole in the bed, I found my absolute favorite vice in the world.....TISSUES!

The tissue box is so much fun. You can pull one out and another pops up in its place. Then when you pull that out, another one pops up. The box is magic! Look at the pretty trail I left from the girl's bedroom to her office. I'm quite proud of my work.

While I was having fun doing all of my favorite naughty things and "letting the good times roll", BLU was being a spoil-sport.

She decided to be good and take a nap. What a wimp!

Monday, February 19, 2007


Our girl got a good dose of her own medicine for giving us a cold water bath with the hose. She got locked out of the house in the rain! She wasn't happy, but we thought it was really funny. She blames us for the whole thing.

Here's how it happened.
About once a week our girl takes all of her clothes and puts them in weird machines. One machine gets her clothes wet and then another dries them again. She keeps these machines in a building outside. It was raining today when she went outside to move her clothes from one machine to another. She left the back door open a little bit when she went out, and we didn't want the cold air or rain to come in the house, so we closed the door while she was outside.

We were just trying to be good doggies and help the girl save electricity. How were we supposed to know that the handle was locked and she wouldn't be able to open the door? (hehehehehehehh) We certainly wouldn't do something like that on purpose! At least that's our story and we're sticking to it!

By the time she got back in the house, she was pretty wet, and not happy at all. That serves her right for making us take a bath this weekend!

In case you are wondering where that building is in the yard, here is a picture of our house from the back yard (after the girl got back in, and it stopped raining).

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Splish splash

we had to take a bath.....

Our girl decided that the weather was warm enough to give us a bath today. Unlike some of our friends, we have to go outside for our baths. At first we thought something fun was going to happen when we saw our leashes. Then we saw the scariest thing in the world..... shampoo and towels!!

I was first. I tried to tell that girl that since I have a cold, she shouldn't give me a bath. She refused to listen. I really really hate taking baths. She knows that, and makes sure that I can't run away in the middle. Look at how she tied the leash around both the table and the deck so that I can't get away. I don't even look all that dirty!

That didn't seem to matter to the girl. She turned on the hose at got me all wet. Then she added shampoo. At least it smelled nice. It was yummy coconut.

But wet is wet, and I don't like to be wet. I wiggled and shook, trying to get all the yucky water off of me. The girl said that this was the reason why I had to take a bath outside.

After I shook most of the water off, I demanded that the girl unchain me and dry me off properly.

She wrapped me in a towel and rubbed me until I was mostly dry.

I still wasn't dry enough, so I had to dry myself off.

Finally the girl gave up and tied me in the sun. I really wanted to roll on the bed to dry off. At least from this spot, I got to watch BLU suffer through her bath too! At least I wasn't the only one who was tortured today.

I thought I was going to escape the bath. While Comet was being tortured, the girl had safely locked me in the house. I was watching through the door and laughing at Comet. When she opened the door and asked me to come outside, it wasn't so funny anymore.

I basically had to go through the same routine.
Get wet.
Get shampoo. (Mine smelled like berries)
Get rubbed.
Get wet again

And finally, get squished with the towel.

I am so glad that bath time is over.
Luckily, the girl hates giving us a bath as much as we hate taking one. It will probably be 6 months before our next bath!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

We want to wish all of our friends a happy Valentine's day.
Sorry we didn't have a chance to visit all of our friends' blogs today to make personal valentines notes, but Comet hasn't been feeling well for the last couple of days. He's been up all night coughing and sniffling, so the girl took him to the vet this afternoon. It was kind of nice to have the whole house to myself. It was so peaceful and quiet - until it started thundering and then lightning flashed in the sky and it started raining outside. That was really scary for me. I really wished the girl was home - and even Comet. I hid in the crate until they came home.

Going to the vet was not the way I wanted to spend Valentine's day. It wasn't fun at all. I had to get on the scary scale again and then they poked that thing up my butt and held it there until it beeped. The vet gave the girl some pills. I don't want to take them, but at least she gives me little pieces of yummy meat to chase the pill down.

She also took me to PetsMart. I found a pretty pink hedgehog for BLU for a Valentine's gift (and the girl snuck an extra toy in the bag for me). When we got home, she gave them to us, but I just didn't feel good enough to play with them. But once the medicine kicks in... watch out hedgehog - I'll destuff you faster than you can blink.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hey Mister, throw us some beads!

We found out where our girl went on her last trip. It was to New Orleans. She was there at the start of the Mardi Gras season and even saw a parade. She has pictures on her blog.

I guess she was in a Mardi Gras mood, because she made us special Mardi Gras necklaces. She knows I am way too masculine to wear a necklace, yet she makes me wear one anyway. After she got home, she made a trip to Petsmart and bought us Mardi Gras colored string balls to play with. I'm not sure what she was thinking with the string balls. Does she think we are cats? Yummmm..... cats!

I'm not quite convinced that the girl made the necklaces just for Mardi Gras. I think she celebrates Mardi Gras year round. As I was running around the living room, I noticed that our favorite chair to sleep in was also purple green and gold. And the couch was purple. And the other chair was green.

I think the girl made these necklaces for us to match the furniture! I sure hope she doesn't plan to sit on us!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Poked and prodded

I think the girl is still a little bit mad at us. Today she tricked us into thinking we were going for a car ride to somewhere fun. It was so exciting when we got in the car. We could hardly control ourselves.

When the car stopped, I knew exactly where we were. THE VET! Comet hasn't been to the vet very often, so he jumped out of the car right away. I knew what horrible things happen there, so I refused to get out. The girl finally used her mean voice and made me get out. HMMMPPFF!

I got out, but certainly wasn't going to make it easy for her. Every time she would try to walk, I would zoom between her legs and try to trip her. When that didn't work, I tried to tangle her legs up with Comet and my leashes. It almost worked. Comet joined in, even though he didn't know why. I think he just thought it was a fun game.

Once we were inside, the vet tried to make us sit on the scale. I don't like the scale. I'm not sure why (I'm the perfect weight) - I just don't. It scares me. The girl finally had to pick me up and hold me on the scale. I think she added a couple of pounds by holding me. Since I didn't like the scale, Comet got scared of it too. He should be scared of it - he's getting pretty chubby. The girl had to pick him up and hold him on the scale too. heheheheh. That will show her.

Once we were in the exam room, things got even worse! We got poked and prodded. The vet looked in my mouth and my ears. She poked my belly. She even poked something up my butt and held it there for a while. That's just wrong! Then, she tried to take me someplace else. At least when the girl was there, I knew I was safe. There was no way I was going to let her take me anywhere. I slammed myself flat to the ground and refused to move. The vet tried to get me to move, but I wouldn't budge. She even tried dragging me. Nope. Refused to budge. Then the girl did something really mean. She tickled me in my special spot that makes me get up. Once I was up, the vet took me out of the room. Somebody clipped my nails, then poked a needle into my leg and took some blood. That didn't last too long, and I got to go back and join the girl. Then it was Comet's turn. heheheh

My turn was almost as bad as BLU's. I tried BLU's trick of not moving, but the girl picked me up and put me on the table. Then the vet didn't even need to bend over to poke me. I got my nails clipped too, but the didn't poke me with any needles. In addition to our checkups, we were supposed to get some shots. The girl talked the vet out of them though. She told the vet that she read something (2006 AAHA Vaccine Guidelines), and the vet agreed that we didn't need more shots. Woo hoo! Maybe the girl isn't so mad at us after all!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Grounded for two days

The girl came home late Sunday night. We were so excited to see her, but she wasn't that happy to see us. She thought we were naughty and grounded us for two whole days! That meant no walks. No blogging. No fun at all! Here's what happened.

It's Comet's fault!
It was really late on Sunday. Liz didn't show up at her normal time and the girl didn't come home either. It got dark outside and still no Liz or the girl. Comet got mad that he didn't get his evening biscuit, and jumped on the girl's desk to find some. He found a little bag with a black string in it, and decided to chew that up instead. I knew he was being naughty and asked him to stop, but he refused. I went to the back yard and tried to run away, so I wouldn't get yelled at when the girl came home. I wasn't able to get out of the yard, and got yelled at with Comet when the girl came home. It wasn't my fault at all. He was the naughty one. Only Comet should have been grounded.

It's BLU's fault!
Ok, I admit that I got into the black string and started to chew it apart. But BLU freaked out and get all nervous. I know the girl gets mad when I chew things that aren't mine, but she's never grounded us for it. I really don't think I caused the problem. BLU was the one who caused the trouble. She dug a really huge hole by the back gate. I mean a really really huge hole. The girl was smart though, and had the gate blocked with heavy bricks, so BLU couldn't get out. BLU was determined to run away, so she didn't give up when her hole didn't work.

No, No. She had to rip wood off the fence. A long time ago, BLU learned that if you rip wood off the fence, you can eventually make a big hole to go through. Then you can escape the yard. This is why the girl grounded us. If BLU would have left the fence alone, we would have been fine. That's why it is BLU's fault!

Comet Started It!
The girl wouldn't even have known that I pulled wood off the fence if it wasn't for Comet. She would have come home, seen his broken wire, and yelled. He's the one who started the whole thing and I'm not going to let him get away with blaming me for it! Plus, he grabbed the wood pieces and brought them into the house. INTO THE HOUSE. That's how the girl found out about the fence.

If Comet would have left the wood pieces outside, the girl wouldn't have even known about the fence. Instead, she yelled at both me and Comet and grounded us! She locked the doggie door so I couldn't hide outside too. That was just not right. And it is all Comet's fault!

BLU Took Naughty to the Next Level!
What's worse than being grounded is that the girl turned on the little wire that runs around the fence. Usually that wire just sits there. But after BLU was naughty and tried to escape, the girl did something so now it hurts when you touch that wire. I guess she does that so BLU can't pull any more wood off the fence. BLU won't touch the wire now, and I try not to either, but it is really hard. Sometimes I don't have to touch it at all and it still hurts. I can't even pee on the wire or it zaps me! I blame BLU!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Comet scared a cop away

Last night when Liz came over, she tripped over me and Comet and didn't get to the alarm in time. It started going off and making all sorts of loud scary noises. Comet and I didn't like it one bit and howled and howled. Liz tried calling the alarm people, but she couldn't hear anything on the phone with the loud noises and me and Comet yelling for it to stop.

The alarm people didn't know what to do, so they turned off the noise and then called the police. The cops showed up at the house and Comet wouldn't let them in. He jumped at the door and barked like crazy. I barked too, but didn't jump too high. I also had to keep my eye on Liz, since she seemed a bit scared that the cops came.

Liz offered to let the cops in the house to check everything out, but they took one look at jumping barking Comet and said that Liz must belong there or Comet would be attacking her, and then they went away.

The rest of the night, Comet and I were very nice to Liz and didn't do anything naughty, because I think she had a hard enough evening. We even kept sneaking up to her to give her kisses and let her hug us. Hopefully, the cops and the noise won't come back tonight.

Hana - Liz doesn't help us blog. We're excellent typists and don't need any help. :-) (shhhh....don't tell our girl we said that)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Visits from Liz

Liz came over to the house again tonight. I guess that means that our girl isn't going to come home again tonight. Maybe sometime tomorrow?

It was funny when Liz came over last night. We jumped all over her when she walked in the door, and she almost didn't get to the alarm in time. Luckily she did, otherwise there would have been a really loud noise. That sometimes happens when Liz comes to visit.

Liz is pretty funny. She lets us get away with all sorts of things. She gives us little bits of people food when we beg and lets us climb all over her. She keeps calling us her babies and giving us all sorts of hugs. It's nice, but we hope our girl comes home soon.