Thursday, February 01, 2007

Visits from Liz

Liz came over to the house again tonight. I guess that means that our girl isn't going to come home again tonight. Maybe sometime tomorrow?

It was funny when Liz came over last night. We jumped all over her when she walked in the door, and she almost didn't get to the alarm in time. Luckily she did, otherwise there would have been a really loud noise. That sometimes happens when Liz comes to visit.

Liz is pretty funny. She lets us get away with all sorts of things. She gives us little bits of people food when we beg and lets us climb all over her. She keeps calling us her babies and giving us all sorts of hugs. It's nice, but we hope our girl comes home soon.

1 comment:

Hana said...

Liz sounds very nice. Is she helping you blog?