Friday, September 28, 2007

Return of the black box

Hey! What is this?

It's the girl's black box! I hate the black box!PPPPTTTHHHTTTT!
Now where is she going?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Car ride

Tonight I got to go for a car ride with the girl and BLU had to stay home. At first I was worried that it was a trick and the girl was taking me to the vet. Nope! I got to go to Petsmart! Without BLU! Woo hoooo!

I was a very good boy at the store. I was nice and calm and didn't bark at anyone. I even let a couple of strangers pet me. While we were there, the girl made me sit for a very long time while she filled out some paperwork and talked to a lady. It turned out that she signed me up for a beginner training class. Beginner? I already know the beginner stuff (I just pretend sometimes that I don't). That's why I could sit for so long. Duh!

Oh well. That just means I will be the smartest dog there. Plus it means 8 nights with just me and my girl and no BLU!

Monday, September 24, 2007

It's My Birthday!!!

Today's my birthday! Yipppeee! I turned 5 today!
Count them 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5! 5!
I've never celebrated my birthday before, but thanks to all the pawties my Singapore friends have and all the toys Joey and Tanner get, my girl felt guilty doing nothing! YAY DWB friends!
Look at the cool cookie BLU and my girl bought for me the other day.
It looks so yummy I can hardly wait to eat it.
OK, this just isn't right.
How can the girl expect me to wait so patiently
while she and BLU sing happy birthday to me?

Hurry up and finish BLU! I want my birthday cookie!!

Finally! I get a piece of my cookie.
I think I should have got it all, but the girl thought
I would get sick if I ate it all at once. Can't I just try???

Yummy yummy. BLU didn't like it so I got her piece too!
Look at this! BLU got me a new toy.
Since I got it for my birthday, I don't even have to share it.
This ball doesn't squeak, but it makes lots of noise when I roll it on the floor.
I think I will play with it at 3am.

And now, the Best. Gift. Ever!
A toilet paper bone!
Usually the girl gets mad at me for chewing on these.
Today she gave me one!
(but then she stole it back when I tried to swallow pieces) gggrrrrrr

And to top it off.... the girl made BLU give me a birthday kiss.
She could have at least pretended she enjoyed it,
instead of wiping it off right away!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beware of the VET!

I was so excited yesterday. I got to go for a car ride without Comet. It was just me and my girl. I was having a great time poking my head out of the window, until the girl stopped the car. I recognized the place. It was the vet.

After the vet poked something up my butt, she took me to the back room. Then she poked a needle into the top of my head and pulled liquid out of it! And then I got poked with another needle and they took my blood. And then to top it off, they attacked me with the nail clippers. So much for my fun day away from Comet!

On the way home, the girl stopped at a new pet store called Wag-N-Wash. At least I didn't have to get a bath too. It was pretty cool inside. They had kitties running around loose. The mean girl didn't let me chase any though. One kitty was hiding under the rack of toys, and when the girl wasn't looking, I kept trying to bite its tail. heheheheh. We ended up buying two things - both for Comet. We can't say what they are until tomorrow. It's a surprise!

Oh, and then as we were leaving, two dogs that looked like Joey and Tanner came into the store. I was about to bark out "Heya Joey" and "Wassssuppp Tanner!" but then realized that one of the dogs wasn't fat enough to be Tanner. hehehehe. And the one I thought was Joey was actually a girl.

[The girl adds - Don't worry about BLU's vet visit - she is ok. BLU had a lump on her head that I thought was a cyst, but it grew a lot in the last month. The vet confirmed that it was just a cyst. BLU has early stage kidney disease, and needs to get her blood tested a couple times per year to make sure she is ok. We'll get the tests back on Monday, but I think they will be fine.]

Monday, September 17, 2007


This is the container that the girl keeps our food in.
It's empty and so are our bowls.

Comet found a few crumbs and licked them up.
Will somebody feed us?????

Disclaimer from the girl....
There was a brand new bag of food in the house.
Comet and BLU were just too impatient to wait for me to open it.
No doggies starved in the posting of this blog.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day naps

Because we work soooooo hard during the rest of the year, we used Labor Day to rest. Here are a few of our favorite napping places. We hope our US friends enjoyed their Labor Day holiday.