Sunday, October 26, 2008

Not My Fault!

As many of you know, I like to catch birds for my girl. I have learned that she doesn't like those gifts, so I don't do it anymore. But this morning, I went out to inspect my yard, and found a bird on the ground. It didn't move. I got really scared that my girl was blame me for it (I didn't do it, really!!) , so decided to hide the "evidence".

First I dug a hole.
Then I checked to make sure it was deep enough.
Then I grabbed the body
and put it in the hole.

I positioned it just right.

Yep, the hole is the right size.
I said a couple of parting words to the bird.
And then filled the hole.
Do you think the girl will find out? Do you think I will get blamed?
ps. the girl got the thorn out of my ear and I am ok.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hi Ho Sliver....Away?

Do I look like I'm in pain? Well, I'm not. At least I wasn't until the girl started picking at me.
I was chasing birds today and got a little sliver in my ear from one of the pokey plants in our yard. I don't know how Ms. Telescopic Eyes even saw it from across the room. But once she did, she zoomed right in on it.
And then tried to pull it out. Now that hurt! A lot! Needless to say, I didn't let her get away with such torture and ran away.
Now I don't know what to do. I think I should just leave it there until it falls out. But I think monkey girl will pick and pick and pick until it is gone. BLU keeps saying to let her pull it, but I don't trust her and think she just wants my ear to hurt.

What should I do?

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Have you ever heard of Neemick? We don't know what that means, but a doctor told our girl she was a neemick. That's why she is tired (she sleeps all the time!!!) and hasn't let us blog much. To stop being a neemick, our girl is supposed to eat irons.
We only have one in the house, and it doesn't seem very tasty to us. She might as well eat it though. She doesn't use it for anything else.

The doctor also told our girl she is supposed to eat more food with Bees in it. And swallow vitamin bees. We've never heard of vitamin bees, but we have seen other kinds of bees.
We've seen honey bees (they poke if you try to catch them).
We've seen bumble bees.

We've even seen carpenter bees. Yet we wouldn't want any of them in our food or to swallow them.
The girl's vitamin bees come in a bottle like this from the store.
They must be dead, because we don't hear any buzzing in the bottle.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Do you have to put up with this?

You wouldn't believe what I have to put up with. I was just enjoying a nice afternoon nap, and the girl decided to change the sheets on the bed. First, she dumped a set of pillows on me.
Then she dumped another set!
Notice, BLU is on the couch, less then 2 feet away from me. Do you see anything being dumped on BLU? No!!!! That's because she's the favorite!Then, to further humiliate me, she dropped the comforter on top of me too! Hello! Do you see me here?
That's it! I'm outta here! I'm going to hide out back.
I don't know why BLU looks so upset. It's not like she got a pile of stuff dumped on her. What a baby!

The girl must have felt bad (not too bad because she was laughing), and came outside to get me to come in. Well, this is what I think of your lame apology!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Lounging around

The weather has finally cooled down below 100 degrees. Now I can sit outside and enjoy my backyard.Ah....such a nice and comfortable place to relax and watch the birds in my yard.

Well, it was - until BLU came and told me I wasn't supposed to be on the furniture.
Hmmmpph. I can be on it if I want to be.
Tattle tale BLU ran off to tell the girl.
This is what I think of both of them and their rules!