Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The girl let us out of jail and put us on parole. As a condition, we aren't allowed to listen to any more bad influences.

That means Bad Cuz has to go in the closet. He keeps squeaking naughty ideas into my ear.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Prison Overcrowding

We have rights!
We should each get our own cell.
We haven't even had a fair trial.
We are entitled to a jury of our peers!Dogs, cats, hamsters, and other members of the jury, we would like to present the evidence of this case to you. I'm sure that once you hear the facts, you will find that we are not guilty of the charges.
It all started this morning. The big bathtub in the back yard was leaking and some strange man came to fix it. Half way through the job, he left to get a new part. We had been quietly behaving in the house the entire time he was working in the back yard. When he left, the girl went out to inspect the job. Then, the girl opened the back door of the house and let us into the yard to inspect (and poop and pee).
This is what the gate usually looks like when we go in the back yard.

Today, it looked like this.

We didn't know we weren't supposed to go through the door. It was wide open. We thought it was an invitation. If not for the girl's carelessness and negligence, we never would have had the opportunity to explore our neighborhood unsupervised.

Based, on these facts, we are asking you to acquit us. Let us go free!
~~Comet and BLU

the girl adds.....

Comet and BLU left out a few little details. They failed to mention that almost immediately after they ran through the gate, I realized what happened and called them. I called both of them and told them to come. Neither did. In fact, they looked at me and turned and ran the other way. They refused to come back until I got in the car and drove up to them. It was only the open car door that got them to stop their reign of terror on the neighborhood and return home. Based on these facts, you MUST find them guilty as charged.
This is where they belong and for a good long time!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sad Sleepy Sunday

It's raining
It's pouringComet and BLU
are snoring....

At least we were until the girl started snapping that camera at us!

We are sad and mopey today, so it might as well rain too. We found out that our friend Clive crossed the rainbow bridge last night. Please visit his page and leave kind words for his mom.

We also didn't get to go to Sandals this weekend to pawty. Our mean girl stole the suitcase and left town for a few days and then Tia got sick. We are sending pawsitive thoughts her way and hope she gets better soon so she can have a great belated celebration for her purrrrthday.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


It's a secret, but we've just booked a flight on Aire Ruby to go to Sandals Resort in Jamaica.

Can you believe it? A whole resort made out of sandals!
We thought the girl had a lot of sandals, but not enough for a whole resort!
This will be great. We can play with friends and chew on sandals all day long.
We wonder what kind there will be. Do you think the sandals will be fancy? Will they be leather? Maybe rubber? Ooooo...they are all too yummy!

I wonder if we have to wear them too or just get to chew on them.
I'd wear ones like this.
I would need to find manly sandals.
What about this one? Is it manly enough?
Now that we have sandals picked out, we need to pack our bags and find the purrrfect present.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Look at this kitty. Doesn't it look delicious cute? Since today is my Gotcha day, I thought I would play gotcha with this kitty and bring it in the house and eat adopt it. Now, if only I could figure out how to get it out of the tree!
BLU and I ran around and around the tree, barking and barking. We jumped really really high. I even ran up the tree until I was higher than the girl's head (but then I fell off).
The kitty refused to come down and play with us. It was meowing really loud, so we know it was having as much fun as we were. Just as the kitty started to slip climb down the tree, the mean girl grabbed me and picked me up and carried me into the house. Then she went out and sprayed BLU with the hose! Then the mean girl locked us in the house so the kitty could get away. What kind of gotcha day is that?

I guess the girl felt bad for spoiling my day. She made a yummy dinner tonight.
On Sunday, she made some fake brats and sauerkraut to eat while watching the Packers lose. She still had one left tonight and decided to share it with me.
She wasn't very good at sharing though. She only gave me two tiny pieces.
BLU didn't get any. hehehehe.

The girl also surprised me and came home during lunch time. She didn't have anything yummy for me to eat, but she took me for a walk. Just me! No BLU! That was fun to spend time walking alone with my girl. Even though the girl was mean and didn't let me have the kitty I wanted today, I still love her anyway. Happy third Gotcha anniversary.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Slave labor!

I was so excited. Our girl didn't have to go to work today. Since tomorrow is my Gotcha Day, I thought I would get to snuggle and play with her all day.

Boy, was I wrong. She decided that the yard needed to be mowed and trimmed. And that I was supposed to help her. Can you believe it?

Doesn't the girl look at AKC breed descriptions? I'm a NON-WORKING breed!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Stuffies - part 2

He he... those who guessed that the girl would let us destroy them were right! Good guesses. This blue one is fun to shred.
This red one is pretty yummy too!

New sport - synchronized destuffing....

Pssssst..... Comet.... do you want to trade?

Sure, I'll taste the blue one.

I'm glad we traded. I can stick my nose in this one.

I'm glad we traded too. I like ripping the red one.

Mission accomplished!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

New stuffies

The girl has been hoarding our Christmas pressies. Today she decided to let us play with new stuffies. Decisions....decisions. Which do I want? The red or the blue?
I want the red one!
I found the squeaker! Squeak squeak squeak!
Hey BLU, this one's mine. Go find yours.
Here it is! I get the blue one!

I need to make sure my tongue is ready for this treat.....
Now, I've got that special sparkle in my eye....

To be continued....
What happens next? Do Comet and BLU play with their stuffies? Does the mean girl steal them back? Do they get ripped to shreds? Tune in next time to find out.

and shameless the mean time, go to the bone zone and vote for your favorite blog (hopefully us!!!)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Buzz About Bees

Hana just gave us the most amazing news! She nominated us for the Awesome Blog Award! We are just so honored and excited to be nominated. Thank you Hana! That was such a sweet thing to do.

Know what else is sweet? Honey! Bees make honey, so they must be sweet too.

I like to chase bees and want to find out if they taste as good as the honey they make. But try as I might, I haven't caught one yet. They zip around outside and make a buzzzzzing noise. Sometimes they fly in the house and make more buzzzzzzing noises. Then they buzzzzz and bang against the windows. I can't wait to taste a yummmmmmy buzzzzzzy beeeee!
Today, I found a book on how to Bag Big Bugs. Maybe it will tell me how to catch bees.
Let's see.....beetles....butterflies....bees! Score! There are pages on how to catch bees. Some have kind of scary names though. There are cicada killers, tarantula hawks, and cow killers! Yikes! All I want is information about regular bees!
Ha! Found it! Now armed with my knowledge I'm ready to catch all sorts of bees. Because you are my friends, I'll let you in on the secrets........
Ummmmm....Comet. Before you share that information, you might want to take a look at this book.....

Wow, BLU, that's some scary stuff in that book.

Sorry friends, I can't tell you how to catch a bee. I just found out that they bite. On BOTH ENDS! And if they bite you with their butt, it hurts more than if they bite you with their teeth!

So here's the buzz on bees - let them be and don't try to bite them. They bite back!