Thursday, February 08, 2007

Poked and prodded

I think the girl is still a little bit mad at us. Today she tricked us into thinking we were going for a car ride to somewhere fun. It was so exciting when we got in the car. We could hardly control ourselves.

When the car stopped, I knew exactly where we were. THE VET! Comet hasn't been to the vet very often, so he jumped out of the car right away. I knew what horrible things happen there, so I refused to get out. The girl finally used her mean voice and made me get out. HMMMPPFF!

I got out, but certainly wasn't going to make it easy for her. Every time she would try to walk, I would zoom between her legs and try to trip her. When that didn't work, I tried to tangle her legs up with Comet and my leashes. It almost worked. Comet joined in, even though he didn't know why. I think he just thought it was a fun game.

Once we were inside, the vet tried to make us sit on the scale. I don't like the scale. I'm not sure why (I'm the perfect weight) - I just don't. It scares me. The girl finally had to pick me up and hold me on the scale. I think she added a couple of pounds by holding me. Since I didn't like the scale, Comet got scared of it too. He should be scared of it - he's getting pretty chubby. The girl had to pick him up and hold him on the scale too. heheheheh. That will show her.

Once we were in the exam room, things got even worse! We got poked and prodded. The vet looked in my mouth and my ears. She poked my belly. She even poked something up my butt and held it there for a while. That's just wrong! Then, she tried to take me someplace else. At least when the girl was there, I knew I was safe. There was no way I was going to let her take me anywhere. I slammed myself flat to the ground and refused to move. The vet tried to get me to move, but I wouldn't budge. She even tried dragging me. Nope. Refused to budge. Then the girl did something really mean. She tickled me in my special spot that makes me get up. Once I was up, the vet took me out of the room. Somebody clipped my nails, then poked a needle into my leg and took some blood. That didn't last too long, and I got to go back and join the girl. Then it was Comet's turn. heheheh

My turn was almost as bad as BLU's. I tried BLU's trick of not moving, but the girl picked me up and put me on the table. Then the vet didn't even need to bend over to poke me. I got my nails clipped too, but the didn't poke me with any needles. In addition to our checkups, we were supposed to get some shots. The girl talked the vet out of them though. She told the vet that she read something (2006 AAHA Vaccine Guidelines), and the vet agreed that we didn't need more shots. Woo hoo! Maybe the girl isn't so mad at us after all!


Hana said...

I'm gonna have to get my mom to not give me shots every year too! Did your girl get a titer (?) test done for you guys? Or, she just decided no shots this year.

We are waiting for your girl to make you new ribbon necklaces... is this for mardi gras or something?

Joe Stains said...

argh the VET! we do that thing where we fall down to the ground and not move too. gramps calls it 'dead dog'

Lacey said...


The vet said that with the new guidelines of 3 years, that we don't even need titers done - we only need those if the girl wants to wait longer than 3 years between shots (some can be good up to 7 years!).

Joe, our girl calls it "playing possum" whatever that means.

Anonymous said...

We don't go to the vet very often - our human sister gives us our shots. We can buy the serum at the feed store. I don't know if that's good or bad. Our human sisters cut our nails too - we don't know whether to love her or hate her.

Ronak said...

It's really great that your vet is supportive of the 2006 vaccination protocol. My big sis forwarded a copy to the vet so they'd be aware, but she says that they weren't too keen on observing... probably because it would mean a decrease in their bottom line. Hmph! Doesn't seem very nice to me! Wanting to treat us like pin cushions! I am happy that everything went reasonably well and now you're home... maybe you should give your girl a teeeeny little nip to put her in place. Sometimes I like to hold my mouth over my big sis' nose when she gets out of line. Ha ha!