Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Grounded for two days

The girl came home late Sunday night. We were so excited to see her, but she wasn't that happy to see us. She thought we were naughty and grounded us for two whole days! That meant no walks. No blogging. No fun at all! Here's what happened.

It's Comet's fault!
It was really late on Sunday. Liz didn't show up at her normal time and the girl didn't come home either. It got dark outside and still no Liz or the girl. Comet got mad that he didn't get his evening biscuit, and jumped on the girl's desk to find some. He found a little bag with a black string in it, and decided to chew that up instead. I knew he was being naughty and asked him to stop, but he refused. I went to the back yard and tried to run away, so I wouldn't get yelled at when the girl came home. I wasn't able to get out of the yard, and got yelled at with Comet when the girl came home. It wasn't my fault at all. He was the naughty one. Only Comet should have been grounded.

It's BLU's fault!
Ok, I admit that I got into the black string and started to chew it apart. But BLU freaked out and get all nervous. I know the girl gets mad when I chew things that aren't mine, but she's never grounded us for it. I really don't think I caused the problem. BLU was the one who caused the trouble. She dug a really huge hole by the back gate. I mean a really really huge hole. The girl was smart though, and had the gate blocked with heavy bricks, so BLU couldn't get out. BLU was determined to run away, so she didn't give up when her hole didn't work.

No, No. She had to rip wood off the fence. A long time ago, BLU learned that if you rip wood off the fence, you can eventually make a big hole to go through. Then you can escape the yard. This is why the girl grounded us. If BLU would have left the fence alone, we would have been fine. That's why it is BLU's fault!

Comet Started It!
The girl wouldn't even have known that I pulled wood off the fence if it wasn't for Comet. She would have come home, seen his broken wire, and yelled. He's the one who started the whole thing and I'm not going to let him get away with blaming me for it! Plus, he grabbed the wood pieces and brought them into the house. INTO THE HOUSE. That's how the girl found out about the fence.

If Comet would have left the wood pieces outside, the girl wouldn't have even known about the fence. Instead, she yelled at both me and Comet and grounded us! She locked the doggie door so I couldn't hide outside too. That was just not right. And it is all Comet's fault!

BLU Took Naughty to the Next Level!
What's worse than being grounded is that the girl turned on the little wire that runs around the fence. Usually that wire just sits there. But after BLU was naughty and tried to escape, the girl did something so now it hurts when you touch that wire. I guess she does that so BLU can't pull any more wood off the fence. BLU won't touch the wire now, and I try not to either, but it is really hard. Sometimes I don't have to touch it at all and it still hurts. I can't even pee on the wire or it zaps me! I blame BLU!


Hana said...

Wow, you 2 are partners in crime, except that you forgot that you gotta work together.

Comet, never, NEVER, NEVVVVER bring the evidence INSIDE the house! And, remember that you gotta remove the FUR evidence too, at the very least. If you're more adventurous, grab a bite of BLU's fur and stick it by the rest of the evidence.

Well, maybe that'll teach your girl to stop going away with the black bag from the closet.

Boomer and his mom Carol said...

Hmmm - but did the girl have any forensic evidence from either of you? If not, it doesn't fit and you must acquit.

Anonymous said...

Did she find any paw prints? How does she know that Liz didn't bring over some bad dogs? Never admit to anything!!!!!

Fu Fu said...

Oh no.. I hope the girl isn't punishing you 2 anymore now. Have to be good doggies now

~ fufu

Loui (and his mum!) said...

Oooh no! What a troublesome but loveable duo you are!!! Hope you are not in too much trouble!

Loui xx

Joe Stains said...

you two were BAD! If you do ever escape, get on the bus headed east and come to our house!! I think the light rail will come this way when its done too, so just pop over. There is no hurty wires in our yard!!