Monday, October 16, 2006

Attack of the killer toy

I love this toy. The day I moved in with the girl, she took me shopping and let me pick out a toy. This is what I wanted and she bought it for me. It's the perfect size for my mouth and squeaks when I bite it. Plus, BLU doesn't like it, so it is all mine and I don't have to share.

Last night, the girl was playing catch with me and my favorite toy. It was really fun, until BLU tried to get in on the game. I saw her coming and laid down on top of the toy to hide it.

Success! She didn't see the toy and went away. When she left, I got up, but the toy was stuck to my tail! I tried to get it off myself and chased my tail for a while. The girl thought that was really funny and laughed and laughed.

Then, I tried stepping on my tail to hold it still, so I could pull the toy out. My toes got tangled in my tail, and when I stood up, it really hurt. I started screaming and crying because my toes where stuck. My toes hurt. My tail hurt. I still couldn't get the toy.

The girl finally tackled me and freed my toes and the toy. She muttered something about it always being fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Hmph.

I think I need a new favorite toy.


Jay said...

Oh dear... I hope you are not hurt too much.


Ender said...

I'm glad that its still in one piece...all my favorite toys get stuck in between my teeth!!!

Lacey said...

Thank you for your concern. Once the girl got my toes free, the pain went away.

The girl laughs at me with this toy. It is the flimsiest toy I own, and I won't destroy it, but I have no problems pulling the stuffing out of a toy or chewing a rope in half. That's because I love this toy and want to keep it forever and ever.