Thursday, September 21, 2006

Secret visits by Abby

We've been keeping a secret from our girl. During the day while she is at work, Abby from across the road comes over to see us. She runs out her front door, across the road, and straight to the porch. We can wag our tails at each other and rub noses through the glass for a couple of minutes before her person comes over to take her home. It's pretty cool.

Last night, Abby goofed and our secret is now out. Our girl was at home reading a book when we heard Abby knocking her tail against the door. Comet tried to pretend that he was guarding the house and barked like crazy. The girl tossed Comet in his crate, then opened the door to check Abby's tags. I got to rub noses with her. Just then, Abby's person came over and told our girl that Abby visits all the time! The girl opened the door to let Abby and her person in but they each just poked their heads in. If Comet wasn't such a noisy boy, maybe they would have stayed longer.

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Akira and Shiro said...

hi blu and comet,
we are akira and shiro and we just started our own blog. we like yours a lot! we can relate to a lot of what you say, too. and our girl wants to tell your girl she has her own page (why she needs one, we don't know) at and that she like to travel, too (though we certainly don't like her to travel unless she takes us!