Friday, September 08, 2006


I'm neglected! I nearly starved to death yesterday and the girl didn't even notice. She fed us crumbs for breakfast and then forgot to give us dinner until almost midnight! I practically had to drag her to the food to get her to feed me!

Don't be such a drama queen! Our girl gave us plenty of breakfast - even though it did have a lot of crumbs and was pretty stale. She had to work really long hours again yesterday and didn't get home until way after it was dark outside. I was getting a big hungry too, but there was still a little bit of food in our bowls. I just didn't want to eat it because it was old and stale, and there was a great big bag of new food sitting around, just waiting to be open and eaten. I was saving room for the new food. You could have eaten the last of the old food.

Plus, once she did get home, she brought people food in with her. It smelled really good, and she kept giving us little tastes of it. Something she doesn't always do! So, even though she didn't open the new bag of food until midnight to feed us, we sure didn't starve to death!


Casper said...

Yumm!! Glad you guys got to try some human food. It's real tasty. Mommie's friend tried my doggie food once and said it had no taste at all.

hana said...

One time we had some dog relatives at our house. There was a pretty box of cookies that my dad opened, and he started munching on them. He didn't want to be rude (because someone brought them over), so he pretended to like them, but they tasted bland. Well, someone pointed out to him that they were DOG TREATS! Hee hee!