Sunday, January 28, 2007

Barking all night

This has been a pretty boring weekend for us. Our girl still wasn't feeling all that good, so we didn't get to do anything too fun.

Yesterday when my girl got out of bed, she could hardly move and was in a lot of pain. She could hardly stand up straight and kept saying "ouch ouch ouch" every time she walked. We were hoping she would play with us, but she didn't feel much better at all. She spent most of the day sitting on or laying on a little pillow that got really hot.

We tried to play catch with her, but she couldn't bend down to pick up the toys to throw. We needed to actually put them in her hand for her to throw them. We know she was trying, but it wasn't that much fun.

Before she went to bed, she took a special aspirin. She fell asleep really early and slept all night. I've never seen her sleep so hard before. There was a cat on our porch last night, and we got to bark at it. Really bark at it! First I barked, then Comet barked. Usually the girl will wake up and yell at us to be quiet, but she didn't wake up at all. We ran in and out of the house barking, and she didn't wake up. We jumped on the bed and she just snored away.

Finally she woke up this morning. She seemed to feel better. She was still walking funny, but didn't seem to be in as much pain. She was able to bend over and pick things up today, although she was pretty slow when she did it.

This afternoon, she finally left the house. While we love spending time with our girl, she hadn't left the house in four whole days! She went out for only a little while today, but at least she felt good enough to go out. When she came back, she had chinese food. We love chinese food! And this time it was even better. Usually she eats really hot and spicy food, so we can only taste a little before our tongues burn. This time, none of it was spicy. It was sooooo delicious!

She got chicken and vegetable soup, and she put a little bit of the broth over our kibble. It was so yummy, Comet and I gobbled it up. It was so much better than the hot and sour soup she usually gets. She usually only gives us a tiny piece of the spicy tofu. She also ate some veggie chow fun. Comet and I each got a couple of noodles. This name kind of scares me. What's a chow fun noodle? Hopefully they aren't made of fun chows! Yikes! These weren't spicy this time either. Yum yum. Maybe the girl should be sick more often so she shares her yummy non-spicy food with us.


Anonymous said...

Your girl has been sick for FOUR days - oh yuck. Poor girl. Didn't you make her the chicken soup like I told you to? That would fix her right up! Ask Sunshade how to get hold of chicken carcasses to make soup with.

Must have been great to be able to bark all night long! I'd love a chance to do that! Just think how many neighbors you drove crazy! You guys rock!

Tell your girl that my Mom says 'get well soon'!

Deanna said...

I hope she gets better!

Joe Stains said...

awwe we hope your Mom feels better soon, that is a long time to be sick. When our mom was sick she ate some weird soup called PHO. But you say it FAH! Sillly humans!

Hana said...

Chicken noodle soup, Zach? How about pigeon soup... I think Comet and BLU have caught pigeons before.

Casper said...

We hope your girl is feeling better.

You guys are lucky you get to eat human food. Yummmm!!!!