Sunday, January 21, 2007

Crazy Weather

The weather in Phoenix has been crazy lately. When we woke up, it was cold and rainy. An hour later, the rain stopped and the sky started to turn blue. Our girl decided to take us for a quick walk. We were only about 3 blocks from the house, when it started raining again. None of us liked that, so the girl rushed us home and dried us with a towel.

The towel game is fun. The girl wraps a really big towel around me, and then I fall to the floor and play dead. Then she has to try to dry me all the way around, and ends up picking me up in the towel. Once she picks me up, I wiggle all over to make it hard for her to catch me. She puts the towel over my head so I can't see and bump into things. Sometimes Comet will try to bite my head when the girl does this. That part isn't quite so fun.

After we were dried off and warmed up, we heard a really loud bang and saw light. It sounded like a scary storm. Then there was another bang and light. And another. Then the tv and lights turned off. It was really scary. The girl went outside and all of the neighbors were out there too. I don't know what a transformer is or why it would explode, but that's what all the people were saying.

Since the girl didn't have electricity, she abandoned us at home and went shopping for a long time. When she came back, the electricity was back on and she had a bag of new food (for Comet) and some biscuits. That was exciting. We like it when she buys us stuff.

About an hour later, the girl was doing something in the yard and we heard another loud boom and flashes of light. The power didn't go off this time - this was a real storm. Instead of rain drops, weird fluffy stuff fell out of the sky. It wasn't the same as feathers. It was cold and wet, and turned to drops when it hit the ground. I had weird cold white flakes all over my fur. I didn't like it one bit, so I ran in the house and hid. Comet hid with me.


Deanna said...

Snow, rain, and lightning all in one day? You better move somewhere else. That is scary!

Fu Fu said...

Woh the weather does sound a little crazy at your side.
Better stay indoors

~ fufu

Hana said...

BLU, where is the picture of you with the snow?