Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Scary noises

I heard a scary noise last night. It was really loud and sounded like the roof was going to cave in. I ran around the house trying to find it, but I couldn't. So I barked. And barked. And then barked some more. BLU just paced around the house. That's what she does when she gets scared. Our girl didn't like that noise one bit either. At first she thought somebody was on the roof, and went and locked all the doors and checked the windows. Then she thought it was coming from the heater. She turned the heater off for a while. Then the house got cold, so she turned the heater back on. Then we heard the scary noise again. The girl jumped up and turned the heater off. She was really scared and kept it off. The house was really cold all night.

Tonight, I heard the noise again. It was still scary. The girl didn't think it was as scary as last night. She turned the heater on, but not as warm as she likes it. I know she was still keeping an eye on it. I think she's a little bit afraid of the heater now.

ps. I'm not doing a good job of keeping my resolutions. I'm still mauling the girl every time she gets my leash out to go for a walk.


Hana said...

Yesterday my dad had a person come over to tell us how many greenies it would take to have a brand new air conditioner installed. The people always say you gotta have a new heater along with the new AC. Anyhow, the guy said sometimes old heaters can EXPLODE! Maybe your girl's heater is gonna explode soon! I'd keep a watchful eye on it you two!

Ender said...

If you did keep all of your resolutions...what would you work on for next year?

Hana said...

Ribbons... did I hear your girl came home with ribbons? Ohhhh, I hope your girl makes more ribbon necklaces. I thought you both looked so cute and festive in the ones she made for you last month.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Santa left something on your roof????

Fu Fu said...

Hey guys, did you find out what was causing those scary noise?

~ fufu

Lacey said...

Hana, I'm trying not to let my girl read your comment. She is afraid of things that might explode. She hasn't turned on her gas grill since she moved to this house because she decided that movers bumped something and it will explode if she uses it. She hasn't used her oven in two years because she thinks it will explode. Luckily she called the heater guy before reading your post. Otherwise we would be freezing because she thought the heater would explode.