Thursday, January 04, 2007

More scary noises

There were a lot of scary noises at our house today.
Early in the morning, a big truck pulled up to the house. The girl told Comet to go in his box (crate) and locked him in. Then four men got out of the truck. Two of them had big loud things called chainsaws. Those made a lot of noise! One of the men climbed a palm tree at the side of the house and turned on his chainsaw. It was really loud. Big pieces of the tree came down and made really loud sounds as they hit the ground. Sometimes they would hit the house and make loud noises too.

Another man with a chainsaw was in the front of the house and cut down a big tree. That was really scary. Comet was glad he was safe in his box, otherwise he would have been barking non stop! While the men were chopping the trees, another man came to the house. He put a ladder against the house and then started walking on the roof. Footsteps aren't supposed to be on the top of the house. Even in his box, Comet started barking because it was really scary.

I don't know what the man on the roof was doing, but he kept making the heater turn on and off. He left for a little while, but came back and made even more noise on the roof. The girl gave him money and he finally left. At least now she isn't afraid to turn on the heater any more. And the whole house doesn't vibrate when she does!

The tree men were still here when the heater guy left. They still had their chainsaws going in the back yard and palms kept crashing to the ground. I didn't like it one bit. The tree guys finally finished up, and the girl gave them some money and left. I think all the scary noises for the day are gone now.

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Deanna said...

Maybe all those bad men would stop coming if nobody was handing out cash!