Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I learned three very important things today.

#1 - Even though it looks like it, the object marked A in the picture below is NOT A BALL!

#2 - Even though B and C smell the same (yummy), they do not taste the same!

#3 - I have a very mean girl to let me figure out #2!!


Fu Fu said...

Oh dear. So did you like the taste of C?? A does look kinda like a ball

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

ohhh... no. you make me confuse my nose now..

Anonymous said...

hey comet & BLUE,

i got your x'mas card last night!! first ever card from oh-so-far-away too!


wet wet licks


Freda said...

Hey Blu and Comet, (And Lacey, too)

Thanks for your card. It's cooools! I like the paw printy thingys.

Can't believe it's Happy Holiday times already. I must have been nappin' longer than I thought.


Freda said...


I forgot to bark, may I add you to my 'Paw Pals' list? That would be cooools!


Anonymous said...

Hey I got a magic yellow stained envelope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

If you are very gentle, maybe A could still be a ball.

Lacey said...

Fu fu, "C" was yummy. I tasted that first, then snuck a piece of "B" since it smelled the same. It was icky!

Boo, wow! It's amazing that it made it so far away so quick. We thought it would take a couple of weeks. That's why we mailed them so early.

Freda, Welcome to our blog. We would love if you added us as pals. We just added you too!

Buster!!! Of course we sent you one of Comet's special envelopes. He thought you would like it! He really wanted to also send one of his homemade "lumps of coal" but the girl wouldn't let him!

Anonymous said...

I bet Comet didn't try to eat B. Silly non-eskies... hehehhehe, just kidding!! I met a Chow Chow on the street yesterday. He was really BIG (bigger than my girl when he stood up!!) but he liked me soooo much and I liked him too. So now I like you even more, BLU!