Friday, November 10, 2006

Cable Guy

My girl didn't believe me when I said that I fixed the internet so she called the cable guy to come fix it again. It was very exciting when his truck pulled up because I thought I would get to play with somebody new. No such luck. She locked BLU and me in the bedroom. We could stick our noses under the door and snort at him, but couldn't see him at all. The internet does seem to work better though.

Now I can read all of my friends' blogs and find out what fun things they did today. I can also shop online to find some fun Christmas cards to send to my new friends from Dogs With Blogs. Every day I bark at the mail lady because she never brings me anything. Hopefully soon BLU and I will get lots of Christmas cards from our new friends. ~~Comet


Joe Stains said...

I added you to my links so I will come read your blog all the time! You look like a small version of my big brother who is in the big dog park in the sky now.

He is the big white guy in that picture. I am the wet humiliated one.

Hana said...

BLU, why is your name always in capital letters?

Lacey said...


Your big brother was a total hunk. Of course, I might be biased since we look alike! Nice picture in the tub. It looks like you are peeing.