Sunday, November 26, 2006

Crystal come home!

Crystal come home! Your crazy friend came over to our house today and look what she did to me! What kind of people do you know?

Oh, where are my manners. My name is Jazz. I don't know Comet and BLU, but I know their girl. I have played with her a few times.

My person Crystal is on vacation, so BLU's girl came over to visit me today. At first it was really fun. I handed her my squishy ball and we went out back and played with it. She would throw it and I chased it. We did that over and over and over again. She didn't even mind that I took breaks to drink water and the ball came back slimy.

After I got tired, we went in the house so I could rest a little bit. That girl went out to her car. At first I thought she was leaving, but then she came back inside. Hooray. I have somebody to play with for a little longer.

When she came back in, she had weird things in her hands. They smelled like dogs that I never met before. I guess that would be Comet and BLU. Then that girl put the silly things on my head. At first I tried to get them off, but she kept putting them back on. Finally, I decided to cooperate. Maybe if I let her see me in them, she would take them off quicker. As you can see, she captured one of my most embarrassing moments on film. I sure hope Crystal doesn't see this. She will never let me live it down.

After making me wear the stupid hats, that girl called Crystal and I got to hear her on the speaker phone. I was going to say hello, but the rawhide was just too tasty to ignore.

That girl played fetch with me for a little while longer, then she left. She told me that she would come back. That will be fun. Provided she doesn't try to dress me up again. Come home soon Crystal. I miss you.

Ahhh.... we wondered whose smell that was! Our girl came home smelling like another dog. We've smelled that before, but never saw who it was. At first we were mad that she was playing with somebody else, but when we found out that Jazz had to wear the hats, we had to laugh. We don't care if our girl plays with other dogs as long as she makes them wear the dumb hats!
Comet and BLU


Joe Stains said...

oh man your mom cheated on you with another dog!! I always give my mom and dad the cold shoulder when they do that to me!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with joe's sentiment. The other day at puppy class, my girl (read MY girl... mine. MINE!) gave my leash to some weirdo guy to hold onto me while she played with HIS dog!! That doggie was a golden retriever puppy and my girl says that he was soooo friendly and fun and nice to strangers, unlike me. Harumph! The audacity of these humans!!!!
Oh, and then she used YOUR antlers on the Other Dog?!?!?! If she's going to humiliate anyone, it should be limited to Comet and BLU! At least... that's what I told my girl when she put my santa hat on. Sigh...