Friday, November 17, 2006

They're here!

Yesterday afternoon, the mail lady brought a box to the door. My girl wasn't home and I had to watch the box for 2 hours. I didn't want anyone to steal it because our Christmas cards were in it.

Once the girl got home, she opened the box and showed us our pictures. We were really cute! We spent last night stuffing and licking envelopes. The glue tasted pretty yucky, and after a few licks my tongue got really dry. It wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be.

BLU wet the envelopes the hard way. I found a better way to get more of them wet at the same time. If you get a card that's a little yellow, that one is from me. hehehehe


Toby said...

Hahah, I'll be keeping my out for the yellow ones!


Joe Stains said...

oh man, if mine is yellow I will let doofus open it for sure!!

Anonymous said...

Umm..... I'll take the card from Blu pleaseeeee.... I just dont' want to ruin the card if I feel the need to pee over it you know...

But Comet, please do give me the door breaking tips! I checked my door, it has no handle, it slides. Tell me anything you know, thanks!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Anonymous said...

I love pee! And it is so econmomical.

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Thank you, I really want this.

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I still can't find my present.......

Comet.... don't play with me like that, I was almost gonna go over to your place to see my pressie!! Thanks Blu for the heads up!

Btw, I'm linking you guys up, I can't believe I have never visited you guys before!!!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Hana said...

BLU and Comet -- I guess I won't be getting any holiday cards from your way 'cuz I'm not participating in the Dogs with Blogs card exchange, HOWEVER I'm participating in the card exchange. But, you're not participating? Well, if we both have left over holiday cards, maybe we can still exchange them with each other?

Anonymous said...

hey blu,

thanks for leaving me a comment the other day - fyi, your comment was caught as spam and left in the anti-spam section until i found out about it just now!

wow, your girl already mailed it? yipee! i'll be getting it soon!

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

I got my card today! Thanks! I am so excited - you are the first one! You both look great! I think naughty...

Toby said...

Woo Hoo!~ We just got our card from you guys today!~ (Our first Christmas Card Exchange card!)It's beautiful and so are you two!~ Thanks so much...