Sunday, August 27, 2006

The fur is flying!

I freaked the girl out today! She went to Petsmart without us today and when she came back she found big clumps of our hair on the floor. You wouldn't believe the look on her face. Too funny! {Comet}

One bag of food, $24.95
One bag of greenies, $15.95
The look on our girl's face.
Priceless! heheheeh

From the look on our girl's face, I think she thought that Comet and I had gotten into a fight and that we had ripped each other's hair out. She was just about to grab us to check for injuries, when she realized that Comet raided the garbage can that had all the hair she brushed off of us earlier this morning. For once, Comet being naughty was actually funny! {BLU}

Hey, I'm always funny! Just because you and the girl don't have a sense of humor doesn't mean that I'm not funny! And just to set the record straight, if we had gotten into a fight, BLU, I would have kicked your @ss!! {Comet}


Hana said...

You 2 are just too funny! You sure had your girl fooled! I gotta think of something creative like that.

By the way, mom orders my greenies from Animal World Network. It's the cheapest she has found. $9.99 per bag. She will usually order me *3* bags at a time. Shipping isn't too expensive

Ender said...

Bwahahahaha! That is so funny!

Ivy said...

tee hee! you two are so silly! why did you want your fur out of the trash anyway? wen the peepol take fur off of me i dont ever want it back. i always haf enuf fur left over for at leest one dog and maybe two!

Lacey said...

I don't know why Comet pulls the old fur out of the trash. I think he likes to check out our girl's bottom when she bends over to clean it back up! I think it is just rude!

Hana, thanks for the tips on the cheap greenies. Maybe if the girl could get more for the money, we would get them more often!