Monday, August 07, 2006


Guess what! I caught a mouse today! It was hopping around in my back yard and I grabbed it. It was pretty hard to keep in my mouth, and I dropped it a couple of times, but I managed to get all the way through the doggie door before dropping it again. The second I dropped it, the mouse ran towards the girl. Drat! There went my surprise. I had planned to sneak up to the girl while she was reading and put it in her lap. #$%@@#$ squirmy mouse!!!

I guess it's just as well. Instead of being thankful for my gift, the girl didn't seem to like it one bit. Hmmmph! If she doesn't want to play with it, I will! Well, I tried, but the darn mouse ran under the closet door. I was snorting around at the door, when the girl opened the closet with a big container in her hands. She pulled a few things out of the closet then pounced. She's pretty good at that. (I think she's been watching me). She must have caught my mouse, because she shuffled around a bit, then carried the container out the front door. I sniffed all over the closet, but couldn't find it anymore :-(

When the girl came back in the house, the container was empty. I think she let it go, which is a much nicer thing to do than what this person did to mice.


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