Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Trick

Woo Hoo! The girl learned a new trick this week. I can make her give me a treat first thing in the morning. Here's how it works. When she lets me out when she wakes up, I run to the back gate and bark my brains out. I know she hates it when I bark, so I use my most obnoxious yippy yappy voice. In less than a minute, she turns the key in the back door to open it. If I run into the house right away, she gives me a treat! Is that cool or what?

Yeah Comet, that's really cool. It's really cool to make our girl cranky first thing in the morning because you can't behave yourself. Maybe that's why she's been leaving for work an hour earlier this week. She wants to get away from your annoying yipping all the time. Oh, and today, we didn't get a biscuit. That "treat" she gave us, wasn't a treat. It was heartworm medicine (see graphic pictures of heartworm). You also forgot to mention that after you get your treat, she closes up the doggie door so we can't go out again until she is ready to leave for work, since she doesn't want you waking up the neighbors.

Your little trick also doesn't work in the middle of the day or when you bark in the house. In fact, instead of getting a treat, our girl picks up a can and makes a really scary noise. Maybe if you were nicer more often, our girl would give more treats without having to be tricked into it.

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