Thursday, December 28, 2006

Somebody broke our tree!

Yesterday while our girl was at work, there was a very loud noise. Comet and I ran to the front door and saw big branches from our tree in the road. Somebody broke the tree!

We were worried that the girl would blame us once she came home from work! It was almost dark when she got home, and her neighbor came over to tell her that a big truck smashed into the tree and didn't even stop. He helped her pull the branches out of the road and onto the lawn.

This morning the girl got up early. We got all excited because we thought she was going to take us for a walk. Instead, she locked us in the house and went outside to chop up the tree parts. The neighbor came over and helped her cut the biggest pieces. I thought she should have taken a picture of it, but she was so focused on getting rid of the tree that I guess she forgot. At least she didn't blame us for it!

Now the girl is really tired from chopping the tree. We still want to go for a walk, but the girl said she is really tired and we will have to wait until this afternoon.


Joe Stains said...

what a bunch of JERKS! good thing the tree went into the road not your house!

Hana said...

Your girl has not had an easy December. First she ice skates on mud then falls into it, and now she has to chop up trees! Try to be nice to your girl for a while, if you can.

Fu Fu said...

Oh.. your girl have to clean up the mess. What a terrible driver...
Hope you guys help your girl by being good..

~ fufu