Sunday, December 24, 2006

Early Christmas presents

This week has been really exciting. Lots of people have come over to visit our girl. Sometimes she let us visit with her, but most of the time she locked us out in the back yard while the people were here. That wasn't very nice of her. We like guests too!

Last night, the girl was going to go to a Festivus party. She was in charge of bringing the aluminum pole. As she was getting dressed, the annoying phone rang again. I heard her tell somebody that they could come over. I hope we get to stay in the house this time.

The girl's friend Rory and his son, Matthew came to visit. I don't think Rory should be allowed in the house any more, but Comet really likes him.
Comet wants to add..... "I like Rory. On the first night I came to live with the girl, Rory watched me while the girl ran out to get Chinese food. Rory let me pee on a chair. That was fun. Rory is so cool for letting me do that!
Anyway...... Matthew brought us toys for Christmas. That was really nice of him. We each got one, and right away tried to rip them apart. We jumped all over Matthew and gave him lots of slobbery kisses. Comet pretended to kiss Matthew, but was really trying to steal his glasses. The girl caught him and made him stop.
Matthew and Rory didn't get to stay long, because the girl needed to leave, but it was fun while they were here. After Matthew and Rory left, the girl took away our presents! Not fair! She never lets us eat stuffed toys when she isn't around.


Joe Stains said...

visitors are fun, especially ones that let you pee on stuff!!

Hana said...
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Hana said...

Hey, that's not fair that your girl locks you up when your guests come over to see you!

Did you go to Festivus with your girl? My mom just read to me from wikipedia what happens at Festivus. She said there is an airing of grievances where each person tells each and everyone else all the ways they've disappointed him/her over the past year. That would have been a great chance for you to tell your girl about the many ways she has disappointed you this year, starting with her taking away your new toyz.

You two look so good in your necklaces!! I see BLU is tolerating it. So festive looking!

Boo Casanova said...

hey comet & BLU,

merry x'mas and have a wonderful pawlidays.

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Oh... so did you had fun with the guest? Merry xmas to BLU & Comet. :)

~ fufu