Monday, December 04, 2006

Cold is good

Our girl doesn't understand that it's winter. I wait all year for it to get cold outside, and in Phoenix that isn't very often. Since it doesn't snow here, the least she can do is let me enjoy the cold. But what does she do? She comes home from work and turns up the heater so hot that I pant! Then she closes the doggie door at night so I can't go outside and lay on the cold porch. There is something seriously wrong with her. I need help from all my northern friends to convince my girl that cold is good!


Anonymous said...

what is a heater?? i think we need a cooler here instead.... woff woff

Fu Fu said...

Hey Comet, maybe you can ship your girl over to Singapore. It's warm everyday of the year. I think she'll like it here

~ fufu

Joe Stains said...

you should come to my house, my dad has only had the heater on one time so far for about an hour. mom carries this space heater with her because she is a sissy!

Toby said...

Hey, next time I'll send you some snow, k?? You gotta tell your mom that its good to be nice and cold once in a while!!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, that's just not right. I think you need your own personal air conditioner.

Lacey said...

If I ship my girl to Singapore or Malaysia(which I'm sure she would love!) I would need to go too - and it is too hot there for me. I don't know why my girl thought an eskimo dog was a good desert dog!

Joe, your people are crazy. No wonder you and Tanner need to wear sweatshirts. The girl turned on our heater the last week in October!

Great idea Boomer, I just might try to find a way to get an air conditioner. Maybe I'll ask the girl to give me ice for treats. She does that in the summer but not in the winter.

Toby, the girl said that you could keep her share of the snow. She doesn't believe in being cold.

Studly Dudley said...

To the gorgeous pair BLU and Comet,

BIG GIANT WOOFS AND PAW SHAKES TO BOTH OF YOU! I got my first DogswithBlogs Christmas card from you two lovelies.. I was so happy, you could hardly see my butt since I was wagging it so hard. Mum let me "try" to open the card but in the end just used scissors (I have pictures on my bloggy to prove it!). It was a pawsome card.. thanks to you both, it made my day :) We still have to send out our cards but we're working on them!


Studly Dudley said...

Oh yeah, and as a dog from the North (Canada!).. this is me telling your girl to let you out to play in the snow!
An hour in the snow = the rest of the day sleeping.. heehee.

Anonymous said...

comet... it flurried for a few minutes here today and i loved it!! my fiirst snow! i am getting my girl thermal goodies for christmas so we can playyy! you should too!

ps i hate heaters. you should wait til yours is unplugged and then chew the chord or lift your leg on it. ha ha!!

Chelsea said...

Mama puts a heater on in the bedroom for an hour before we go to sleep. She thinks it's all toasty in there but, I find it horribly uncomfortable.

Mama needs to grow fur - not that she has far to go if she didn't shave her legs for a week.


Anonymous said...

hey comet & BLU,

i read your comment on my blog. WHAT EXACTLY THE EVIL POSTMAN did to my card? only half? but they still delivering it! but lucky they did otherwise you will never get it. pls let me know which half you got it. if you don't mind, post it up!

ok, that's it, i'm going straight to the post office now to get them straighten! i still haven't receive fufu who is in singapore, a 5 hours drive from here, card yet!

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

yes, of course cold is good! and snow, oh don't get me started on snow. it is so fun to play in! Shiro gets cold quicker than I do though, I could stay out most of the day in it!


Charlie said...

Yeah - cold is good!!

Hey Comet, be careful of onion that falls on the floor -- it's really really bad for dogs!

- Chuck