Thursday, December 07, 2006

Boo's boo boo

When the girl came home from work today, the front curtains were off the door. At first she thought Abby came over to play again, but that isn't what really happened.

The curtains fell down when I tried to attack the mail lady through the door. Normally I just bark at her, and sometimes body slam the door. But today, I knew something was wrong. Sure, she left me a big pile of cards (and many from our friends in Asia!).

Normally that would be a good thing. But we've been waiting and waiting and waiting for the card from Boo.... and the mail lady only gave us half of it! I tried to stop her from keeping the rest of it, but the darned door got in the way. At least the best part of the card is still there. Boo's handsome face.

We got cards from lots of our other friends too. I would write more about them, but the girl is impatiently tapping her foot. Something about checking her email before going to bed. People!


Anonymous said...

boo boo.. i tot i come in wrong blog.. haha. we receive your lovely card, thank you so much and hv a happy holiday!

Herbie said...

Oh dear, now why would the mail lady want to keep the other half of the card? Unless she has a jealous dog who didn't get any cards this christmas.

Joe Stains said...

only half a card!!! I would be SO mad too!!!

Anonymous said...

You never know, Comet and BLU. Maybe the rest of it will come tomorrow. Suspense...

I know what you mean about frustration with the humans. My girl is driving me freakin' nuts, man. People! Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em...

Anonymous said...

Ooops... that darn door, better get Comet to pee on it!! Did it get caught in the slot??

Hey I just checked out your photos in Webshots, and you guys are so cute and so happy looking. BLU, are you part Belgian Shepherd?? I can see the chow for obvious reasons, but your ears and head reminds me of Belgian sheepdogs or shepherds.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Anonymous said...

Hey Comet and Blu, we got your Christmas card and wanted to say thanks! I don't blame Comet for growling at Turbo, though today we are giving him a break. We are having construction done on the house and Turbo is pretty freaked out. Poor kitty.

Merry Christmas Spitz friends!!!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

I would definately bite your mail lady - she is a big meany !


Toby said...

What??? The mail lady stole half your christmas card??!??! How dare she?? I think you should have a word with her the next time she comes around!


Lacey said...

Thanks everyone for your concern over our missing half of Boo's Christmas card. I think the mail lady took it before delivering it. Either that or a machine at the post office ate it. The half we got came in a special bag from the post office with a "we're sorry" note.

Miss Sunshade,
I was lost and homeless when my girl let me live with her, so nobody knows for sure who my parents were. My girl has always thought I was either chow mixed with Schipperke (I think that's a type of Belgian Shepherd) or part American Eskimo, like Comet. My head and legs are closer to those breeds than to a chow's. Since Schipperkes are usually black, it's probably a good guess. If I am, then I'm happy I got to keep my tail, because I love wagging it!

Boo Casanova said...

hey comet & BLU,

i just saw the post and WOW! my body was eaten up alive by by by... i guess no one can tell what happen to my body.

but lucky thing the post office is still delivering the card to you.

wet wet licks


Lacey said...


Yes, we were very sad that the post office ate half your body. At least the top half was delivered to us. It would have really been bad if they ate your top half and sent us your bottom half!

Although then we could have fun sniffing your butt!

Sunshade said...

That's true, you do look sort of like a Schipperkes except you are a lot bigger. You dont' look to be bigger than a Chow, so your girl is probably right that you are a Schipperkes X Chow.

Doesn't matter what you are, you are very pretty I think!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade