Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas eve trip

The girl got what she deserved for being such a grinch.
On Christmas eve, she took us out for a walk before she went to visit her friends for dinner.
During the walk, BLU and I saw some mud in the road, and wisely walked around it. I don't know what the girl was looking at, but it wasn't the road. She walked right through the mud.

It was really funny. The mud completely covered her shoes, and when she tried to walk, her shoes were really slippery. She slid around like she was ice skating. It was funny, so BLU and I decided to run to see if we could pull her. It would have been really cool if she could have kept her balance. Instead, she just belly flopped face first into the sidewalk.

She didn't move for a while. I got really scared and licked her face. I think it was BLU's bad breath that finally made her move. Another lady out for a walk offered to help my girl get up, but my girl said she was ok. After a while, she got up off the sidewalk and scraped a bunch of mud off her shoes so we could go home. The rest of the walk wasn't very fun after that.

Our girl was ok though, since she had no problem going to dinner with her friends and leaving us home.


Deanna said...

She did deserve punishment for not getting you presents, but that was a little much. I hope she feels okay.

Hana said...

Hee hee, I like the title of your post!!

I am glad your girl is okay, but I'm sorry she is such a grinch. My parents didn't give me anything for Christmas except a couple bites of turkey and pumpkin pie. Oh well. At least I got a tiny bit of something.

Oh how I wish you had taken a picture of your girl when she belly flopped!!

Anonymous said...

That's called ski-joring and it's usually done on snow. Great ingenuity trying it with mud! Maybe it will become a new sport!