Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Happy Mardi Gras everyone! I'm not sure if the girl is going to make us give something up for Lent, so I decided that I better indulge in all of my favorite vices today.
I snuck into the girl's bedroom while she was at work today. She has all sorts of cool things in there that I usually don't get to play with.

The girl hasn't allowed us to play with our Valentine's hedgehogs very long, because she doesn't want us to destroy them. But the girl wasn't here to stop me, so I got to pull all the stuffing out of it!
After the hedgehog was destuffed, I decided to dig a hole in the bed. Usually I just scratch at the sheets, but this time I was able to make a hole. Very cool!

While I was digging the hole in the bed, I found my absolute favorite vice in the world.....TISSUES!

The tissue box is so much fun. You can pull one out and another pops up in its place. Then when you pull that out, another one pops up. The box is magic! Look at the pretty trail I left from the girl's bedroom to her office. I'm quite proud of my work.

While I was having fun doing all of my favorite naughty things and "letting the good times roll", BLU was being a spoil-sport.

She decided to be good and take a nap. What a wimp!


Hana said...

Comet, nope, I did not get the porcupine back! My parents through it away. But, the person who gave me the pink porcupine gave me a brand new pink porcupine! I didn't throw, I mean.... the person who threw the porcupine in the toilet didn't throw the new one in the toilet because my parents kept the toilet lid closed from then on.

BLU, do you play with raw hides? I don't like nylabones and my parents don't give me raw hides because I choke on the raw hide pieces. I think my teeth were so bad because I get a couple spoonfuls of moist canned food in the morning. Do you eat some soft foods every once in a while? I will ask my mom to check on that brand of food you mentioned.

Hana said...

Comet, I don't think the girl likes what you did. You might get a lump of coal for Christmas this year from Santa Paws.

Hey, maybe my pink porcupine was really a hedgehog!

Fu Fu said...

Oh.. you destuff the hedgehog already. That's fast work Comet. Hope your girl wasn't angry that you did so much vice that day

~ fufu

Boo Casanova said...

hey you two been playing with tissue papers huh. i've tried swallow it before the hooman realise i got it.

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

comet you did some GREAT work!! I ate a bed once too!! isn't it fun!!! goooood job!!!!!!

BLU...um try not to be so good, its not entertaining.

Peanut said...

Did you get in trouble for the bed? My mom laughed at that picture and said that is totally what her Kiko (he was an american eskimo like you) used to do. He went to the rainbow bridge before mom got me.

Hana said...

Hey you two!! There is a new eskie on the block and his name is Cherokee. He's an eskie too!

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

We have a Valentine's hedgehog just like yours! We also have a purply-pink one. One of them has been unstuffed so far. We are waiting for the right time to unstuff the other one.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

A&S said...

dear comet,
one time i made a hole in the back of our daddy's laZy boy recliner. it used to heat up and give massages, but i think it's better this way. well done. are you a member of HULA?