Saturday, September 23, 2006

Why I never get stuffed toys

The girl is being really boring today. She's cleaning out her closets and won't let me help. I think I'm going to sit in the living room and mope until the girl gives me something fun to do.

Look what she found in the closet! I didn't know that was there! She never gives me stuffed toys.

Wow! This is really fun to chew.

I pulled a bunch of stuffing out, and there is more. I wonder how big of a stuffing pile I can make.

This is so cool! You can pull the guts right out of the whale! And it just keeps coming and coming.

Ick. Now it's stuck on my tongue. I think I've had enough.

What else is in the closet for me to chew?


sarah said...

ooh! we love to chew the stuffing out of stuffed animals. for some reason, we don't get too many of those anymore, though! all of our toys are supposedly "indestructible," like kong, green ring, the blue and yellow nubby ball, the blinky ball, the gallileo bone, and the blue net ball-toy-thing.... we'll just have to see how indestructible they really are...sounds like a challenge to us!

akira and shiro

Anonymous said...

I love bunny stuffins!

Bussie Kissies