Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tummy Ache :-(

I woke up this morning and didn't feel good. I have a tummy ache. I ate a couple of bites of food, but I'm not very hungry and it didn't sit very well. I didn't throw it up, but my tummy hurts. I spent most of the day sleeping because I just don't feel very well. The girl wanted to inspect me to see what was wrong, but when I don't feel good, I don't like to be touched. I tried to hide outside. She didn't let me.

She picked me up and put me on the bed. At least she had the decency to close the door and keep Comet out of the room so he didn't bother me. After I was on the bed, she examined me, but didn't find anything that concerned her. Then she laid down next to me and gently pet me while I tried to sleep. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better.


BLU is no fun! I kept trying to play with her, but she would either walk away or growl at me. She said she isn't feeling well, but that's no excuse. I want to play! After BLU growled at me a couple of times, I made one last attempt to play with her and ran up and jumped on her. She turned around really fast and bit me on the nose. YIPE!!!!!! I guess I will have to play with the girl instead.

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