Saturday, September 09, 2006

Up all night

Woo Hoo! I got to meet a bunch of new people this morning! When the girl finally came home, she brought friends with her. Four of them! I was stuck on my leash so I had to behave, but the girl actually let me meet people rather than locking me in my crate or in the back yard. It was fun getting all sorts of attention from new people.
Yesterday, our girl came home from work at her normal time, and played with us for a while. Then she ran around cleaning up the house and putting all of our toys away. That's not fair. Do you know how long it took to make sure that I had a toy within reach of me no matter where I was in the house? She even pulled out the scary vacuum cleaner.

After the house was clean and we ate dinner, she moved our water bowl outside. That's not a good sign! It means we are going to get tossed out into the backyard. Sure enough, she locked us outside, and then we heard a bunch of other girls come into the house. They were talking, and laughing, and playing loud music for a long time. After what seemed like forever, I heard the other girls go out in the front yard, and my girl came to let us back in the house.

I thought we were going to get to play, or get some party leftovers to eat, but everything was cleaned up. Our girl gave us each a biscuit and then left!

It was a really long time before she came back. It was almost light outside. She came into the house and put Comet's leash on him, then let the other girls in. That was cool! They were all giggling, but they kept hugging and kissing me and telling me how cute I was. All of them were dressed in black, so I felt like I matched them. I think they should have taken me out to the club with them.

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