Saturday, July 05, 2008

Best. Treat. EVER!

You would never believe what kind of holiday treat we got!
Our girl made us a corn dog sundae!We never knew such a yummy thing could exist.
But it does!

Hot yummy corndog.
Cold ice cream.
All mixed into one delicious treat! Which part should I eat first?

Making sure to get every drop....

Maybe there's some left in the girl's cup too.

Comet, the cupped-nosed dog goes for the last drop.

And BLU tears it open to get every last bit!

Even though we had scary thunder and fireworks, this was the best 4th of July ever!



Woof, Comet and Blu

We're a pack of desert dogs right down the road from you in Tucson. We're on the hunt for new doggie pals and we really like your blog.

Woof, Woof from the pack,
Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby from

Anonymous said...

Oh my dog! That looks SO GOOD!

Ronak said...

Oh my DOG... I had no idea such desserts existed. But I have to tell you the truth, when I first saw that picture, I was scared it was bunny ears!!!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Blue and Comet!
Your girl makes the best treats! Looks delicious!
Kisses and hugs

Hana said...

Wowie Zowie! That corn dog sundae looks awesome!!!! Do you think if I just casually said to my Mom "could you pass me the corn dog sundae" that she would give me some?

My Mom handmade some "frosty paws" from a recipe posted on the board. It's got yogurt, peanut butter, mashed bananas, and honey in it. She froze it and ate it! SHE ATE IT! She didn't even give me any!!!! How unfair!


What do you mean she ate it???? That's just not right! Is it doggie treats or what? What the heck is going on?

Duke said...

Whoa! We've never had one of those! We're starting to drool here! What a treat!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Amber-Mae said...

Corndog Sundae???? That sounds & looks absolutely deeleecious!!! I'll always go for the BEST part 1st. The hotdog! Hope you guys enjoyed your treat.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Kodak the Eskie said...

Wow, that really does look delicious!! You are very lucky.

Hugs, Kodak

Deefor said...

That sounds like a yummy combination. I always wanted hot dog ice cream. I'm drooling.


Isis said...

wow what a great treat! I just love watchin you eat it! and destroy the cup!

Joe Stains said...

OMDOG! that looks like the best meal EVER?! DId your human eat the corn dog in the ice cream too, because that sounds like the bestest way to eat it!

the Corgi Girls said...

BOL, that looks AWESOME!!! What a great treat! Your mum has quite the sense of humor ;o)

M & I

Hana said...

Hi Desert Pups!
"Frosty Paws" (see item D) is ice cream for DOGGIES that your human can buy at the grocery store in the ice cream section. I have never tried it before. But, my Mom found a recipe for something like Frosty Paws. She made it, but didn't give me any!!!! How unfair is THAT!??

Girl Girl Hamster said...

What a pawsome and yummilicious treat

~ Girl girl

meemsnyc said...

OH my goodness! Corn dogs in ice cream! What a yummy treat indeed!

Niamh said...

Wow! Never knew you could have a corndog in a sundae. Bet it was delicious! I want one of my own.

Your friend,

Murphey said...

It looked like BUNNY EARS! AWESOME!


-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Oh my dogness - that looks like such a yummy treat!

-Cosmos & Juneau-

Ronak said...

Yup, checked in again and still think they look like bunny ears!!

Ozzie, Rocky and Lola said...

We need to tell our mom about that corndog split! That looked pretty good!
Ozzie & Rocky

Eduardo said...

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Hugs & Snugs,
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Comet and Blu,
OMdoG.. you guys scored big time!! I WANT SOME CORN DOG SUNDAE too...

Kirby said...

Hi Comet and Blu,

I've got to get mysef one of those delish sundaes! Corn dog, mmmm; ice cream, mmmmm; add the two together and its heaven!

Your pal,

Urban Smoothie Read said...

the sundae looks absolutely lovely....i wan it too!

Ender said...

That dessert looks very yummy! You two have something goodgoing on there!