Saturday, June 30, 2007


BLU hopped on the couch with the girl this morning. The girl noticed that BLU's hair was coming out and started plucking her like a chicken. The girl plucked a big ball of hair off of BLU's legs. She then decided to get a brush. BLU ran away, so the girl grabbed me and attacked me with the brush. She was able to brush my back and sides, but I hate having my rear legs or butt brushed. I got growly and she gave up.

Here are the hairballs the girl got off of us. All of BLU's hair is from the girl plucking it out with her hands. At least my ball is from the brush. While the girl was taking pictures, I decided to eat the hairballs. hehehehehe. She didn't like that and tackled me and pulled the hair out of my mouth.

I ran and hid under the covers. The girl can't brush me when the covers are in the way.



Joe Stains said...

smart move hiding under those covers! I am so glad I dont have to get brushed!

Anonymous said...

That's happening to me nearly every night but I don't mind it so much. At least I get to sit in my girl's lap while she does it. She uses a comb instead of a brush. The groomer lady said the comb is better to keep the mats from starting in my dense fur. Is yours dense?

Lorenza said...

I don't mind if my mom brushes me but of course I don't have your long hair!
I know the best place to hide is under covers! You are very smart!
Have a good night

Hana said...

Uh oh, what happened? I thought you blogged about your secretary before... but now the post is gone. Did your girl get upset that you talked about her?

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Comet,
Good thinking on hiding under those covers. I bet your girl couldn't find you at all huh? Those are HUGE hairballs! How did she managed to pull out all that from Blu?

Lacey said...

Joey, you are very lucky not to get brushed. But you get more baths. I hate baths more than getting brushed.

Zach, Thanks to you, my girl tried using a comb. That was even worse than the brush! My fur isn't usually dense, but I'm starting to blow my coat, so right now it is a bit thicker than usual.

Lorenza, I'm glad your hair doesn't get tangled when you get brushed. You are right, the covers are the best place to hide.

Hana, my girl found a few typos in the blog about her and wanted to change them. Our internet was being difficult and kept freezing. She got click happy trying to make something happen, and in the process accidentally deleted the post. Some "genius", huh?

Luckie, both BLU and I are starting to blow our coats. Big chunks of fur are coming out of BLU - mine are still stringy. All of BLU's hair in that ball came off her legs - the girl just ran her hands down the legs pinching it off, like she was plucking a chicken. BLU hates it when the girl does that. My hair doesn't come out like that so I get brushed instead of plucked.