Thursday, May 03, 2007

Serves her right!

Not that we are admitting to peeing on the bed, but the girl deserved it. I can smell a petsitter from a mile away, and I wasn't about to let the girl think that she was tricking us into thinking she was staying. There's no way she could leave if she had to stay home and clean the bed.

For a change, BLU was actually right. The girl was planning another trip. BLU was wrong about the girl stuffing clothes into the black bag. She was just cleaning out her closet and giving those clothes away. We thought she was going to leave us again. You couldn't believe how happy we were to see her Monday evening. We thought she left in the morning for a long time, but she came back at the end of the day! Yippee!

Of course, she was still cranky with us, because then she had to put the sheets in the machine outside. While the sheets were in the machine, she locked us in the backyard, and closed the door so we couldn't see in the house. We thought she was just taking time to get happy again.

Nope! We think she was sticking clothes into her black box she uses when she goes away. We heard her go out front, but we couldn't see her though the fence. The sneaky girl put the black box in her car! Then she let us back in the house and pretended like everything was ok. We here happy she wasn't mad anymore.

On Tuesday, we were waiting by the front door for her to come home from work. A strange car pulled up. It wasn't the girl. It was Sandy! Bummer! The girl really tricked us this time! Not Fair! Sandy is ok, but we like Liz better.

ps.... if the girl is reading this, we have a message for you. If you want to see your couch in one piece, you better come home NOW!!!!!!


Luckie Girl said...

Man, your girl is really busy and SNEAKY!! Do your best on her couch alright? She's gotta learn that sneaking out is not acceptable...tsk tsk..

Joe Stains said...

oh man, do you need Tanner and I to come over and help with that couch?!

Casper and pals said...

I'm great at de-stuffing anything and I would love to destuff a couch!!!!!!!!!