Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Whine and biscuits

When my girl leaves for work each morning, she gives a biscuit to Comet and me. Sometimes I don't want to eat mine right away, so I refuse to take it. That lets the girl know to put my biscuit into my special biscuit toy.

I know how to get the biscuits out of this toy, but Comet doesn't. If the girl puts mine in the toy, then I don't have to spend all day guarding my biscuit. Yesterday, mine went in the toy.

I wanted to save mine until after the girl came home from work. It took her forever, she came home really late - after it was dark. When she got home, Comet and I were so excited to see her, we ran around like crazy and then jumped on her. My toy somehow got kicked outside the front door.

My girl didn't see that, and closed and locked the door for the night. I thought she would get it before she went to bed. She didn't. I kept whining at the front door, but she kept telling me to be quiet, and didn't even look outside. I really REALLY wanted my biscuit!

This morning when she got up, she saw it and laughed. I don't think it is funny at all!
Here I am pulling my biscuit out fo the toy for breakfast. The first step is to step on the toy to hold it in place.
The second step is to bite the biscuit into smaller pieces.
The final step is to pull the little pieces through the holes and enjoy!


Joe Stains said...

oh my I have that toy because it is made by the CUZ people but my mom has never put a biscuit in it!!

Hana said...

Parents do not know any better. I am sorry to hear she did not realize why you were whining until the next day. My mom did the same thing. I gave her this "look" the other day when she was standing about 30 feet from me. Mom noticed my weird look, but she ignored me. Two hours later, she looks at the spot where I had been standing, and there was puke in the carpet. Yeap, I had been trying to communicate with her before, but she ignored me. Don't say I didn't try Mom!! I was telling her to get her butt over here to clean up my mess!

Deanna said...

Oh that is horrible!